White identity and sexism gave Trump the electoral college


There were a lot of incorrect and outright lying stories being published by clickbait websites and circulated on social media. True, it happened on both sides, but there was twice as much of it aimed at Secretary Clinton. These were horrifying stories, I saw one that claimed that her emails referring to ordering pizza were actually a cover for her being a pedophile and ordering people to bring her child sex slaves. (pizza being a well-understood code word for child, I guess) There were also fake stories about her arranging for quite a few people to be murdered. If people believed this stuff, no wonder they didn’t vote for her. -I personally was wondering why so many people were so vehement about her being a corrupt person who should be jailed. Now, I know that all those aunts and uncles were trusting ‘news’ they were getting from the same sources that send out stupid diet advice.


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There’s no way half of the libertarian voters would have gone to Clinton.


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I am not sure what the point is here.

The Democrats should keep all the same policy proposals but run a white man next time?


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55% turnout for 18-25 year olds is actually pretty amazing, given their track record: http://www.electproject.org/home/voter-turnout/demographics


This is the problem with asserting that truth lies in “the data” - this is simply the wrong data. What the media said about each candidate does not matter; this tells us nothing about why the electorate voted the way it did. This is the same media that is universally despised, especially so by typical Trump voters; why should anything they say be reflective of the underlying reasons for why voters chose the way they did? This analysis is horribly misguided.


I doubt the people sharing those stories had even the slightest notion of ever voting for Hillary. They’re the people who’ve been hating her since the 90’s.


No pressure.



We certainly agree there, but right now people are still expecting the “Toy Yoda” Trump promised by jingling something vaguely key-like behind the curtain.


American society is shockingly racist, and a little less shockingly sexist (though that’s a low bar). But all of this “racism is why people voted for Trump” stuff is getting me very frustrated. The ballot-box-racists voted for McCain and they voted for Romney. Obviously they did, a black man was going to be president. Half the Hillary Clinton hate out there is pure misogyny, and half the Obama hate is pure racism. Obama won anyway. He won because people believed he was going to take them out of the darkness of the Bush years and make things better. Eight years later clearly enough Americans didn’t feel like he did that in order to want to carry on his agenda through Clinton.

Just like the Clinton supporters said after she beat Bernie: Trump won because he got more votes (at least, where it counted, but I find the whole popular vote thing a red herring, if Clinton had won, would the fact that 59.5M Americans voted for Trump go away?). Your explanation of Trump’s win has to explain why so few people voted for Clinton.

The first thing I thought about when Trump won was thought about all the shitty things I do that make the world a worse place and how I teach my kid to support someone like Trump, and I’m not even American. I don’t want to hear any more Americans talk about how the people who voted for Trump are nothing like them. If it’s that bad go petition your state government to secede. All these talk show hosts talking about how America is still a great country. How is that not just as racist as someone who looked past Trump’s racism to say he was still a good candidate?

Most white people don’t want to buy into “white identity.” White privilege is the privilege to not think of yourself as white, to think of yourself as just a person. This analysis is lousy because it assumes that Trump voters could articulate their ideas and that they believed the media. Those look like bizarre assumptions to me.


Here ya go:


I was reacting to this:

And i FEAR that what it means is Team Blue is going to keep everything else the same but run a white man next time.


It’d probably work. Very minor swings in a few states away from Trump would swap the result.

she didn’t meet turnout expectations in a few key places: Detroit, Philadelphia, Miami, Milwaukee. Even though she won in the cities, 59-35%, and Trump narrowly carried suburban America, he thumped Clinton in rural areas, 62-34. A relatively small number of white male Obama voters in those places I mentioned above gave Trump the narrowest of margins in three key states—Wisconsin, Michigan and Florida—and that gives him an Electoral College victory. At this hour’s counting, Trump carries those three states by a total of 59,000 votes, or less than one percent. Toss in Pennsylvania, where Trump won by about one percent, and we’re talking about less than one-tenth of one percent of the total votes cast Tuesday determining our next president. If Clinton had turned out literally another 0.1% of voters in the right cities, she’d have won those four states (technically, Michigan is still too close to call, with Trump ahead by less than 12,000 votes), which would have given her 303 electoral votes.


Okay. But I’m not sure how talking about this as a problem means that’s the solution being proposed? It’s two years to the mid-terms, so we’ll have to see what happens.


I’ve been having this argument with Mr. Jilly for over a week now. I maintain that sexism/racism/white nationalism is the core reason that Trump won. Mr. Jilly presents well-reasoned arguments why people voted against HRC, all of them valid. But those reasons are NOT the reasons why the majority of Trump voters didn’t vote for her, which this tweet-storm attempts to address. The majority of Trump voters are not the people on BBS, nor are they my husband.

If we refuse to recognize the sexism/racism/white nationalism that drove this outcome, I am truly afraid. It doesn’t matter that you didn’t not vote for HRC because she’s a woman. This isn’t about you personally – by virtue of you being here, you are (hopefully) interested in logical debate. What matters is that a huge swath of America voted for Trump for reasons that we don’t want to accept – he appealed to an insidious and very, very ugly part of our national consciousness for many people. And if we ignore that, we do so at our own peril.


Funny how that works all ways.

I support my local Socialist (Sawant) but her utter foolishness on the national election was all too common.

They have no power and robbing ALL Dems (not just the corporatist warmonger type) of strategic power doesn’t give them power either.


They don’t care, they’re satisfied. They always knew a liar lies, but “he wasn’t lyin Hillary so good”