White identity and sexism gave Trump the electoral college

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It’s not all in our heads.


Racism/sexism/xenophobia drove a lot of votes. No argument.

Those things could have been countered easily be not constantly alienating voters. Yeah, gravity killed Conor Clapton but gravity is always there. You need someone to disregard the danger and leave a window open to make it mean something.

Lots of things contributed to this loss, and focusing on all of them and not just the ones that are convenient to the narrative that works for you is the only way to approach it from here on out.


Is there really no way this could have been published somewhere other than twitter?!


So when I said that Trump voters were stupid, ignorant, racist assholes, I was wrong. It’s more accurate to say that they’re stupid, ignorant, racist, sexist assholes. I had “sexist” as part of the “ignorant” and “asshole” categories, but it really deserves to be recognized on its own, given its importance.


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When the primary driving force is apathy, and civil rights were at center stage, then it’s absolutely what lost the election. Civil rights not being important enough to vote for has been put center stage, and it will be another very long drought before they are given center stage again. Yes, there are many issues that need to be highlighted to vote for but this topic will only be a tag along at best from the single electable party that paid any attention.


Sexism, racism are merely symptoms. The disease is that the Democratic Party hasn’t given a **** about the white underclass for two decades. Hillary Clinton is the poster child for rich insider-connected neoliberal elites who look down on these folks. She spouted policy gibberish to them, didn’t have a clue what their lives were like, and called them "deplorables/ They rejected her, her party, her message and blindly followed Trump, who almost certainly will betray them fully.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, white working class women voted for Trump two to one. That margin alone lost her the election. So much for sexism as a working hypothesis.

This election was not a referendum on sexism, or racism. It was a rejection of Democratic neoliberalism. It was a rejection of the Democratic party message - which is meaningless to these folks. ( And meaningless to me, a lifetime lefty) Democrats are the party of NAFTA, of TPP, of throwing unions and progressive candidates under the bus. All Trump voters knew was that Trump was against insiders and “the system” and seemed to offer hope that he understood their world. A world where they have been told for two decades from right-wing scoundrels they have lost ground, lost respect, and lost their jobs to immigrants, blacks and women. And heard crickets from the Dems.

The DNC gave this election to Trump when they torpedoed Bernie.


The data, per the tweets, disagrees with you.



I hope you are aware that there are sexist women.


It’s funny^ how someone can read^^ something, and completely misinterpret what it said, or deny the evidence of his own lyin’ eyes without providing a coherent^^^ alternate explanation.

^ funny_peculiar, not funny_haha
^^ I assume he read it
^^^ logical, supported


Nah… can’t be… how could a woman be sexist against herself. That’s just crazy talk.

Also, there is no way that this could possibly be some sort of intersection between class, race, and gender at play here… that white working class people voted both to punish the Dems AND voted in a racist/sexist pompus ass! That’s CRAZY talk… everyone knows that people are only animated by one thing at a time and if they are pissed about their pocketbooks, they couldn’t POSSIBLE ALSO BE RACIST AND SEXIST… POOOOORRRSS NEGATES HATES!!! /s


also this:

“make sure y’all vote just like I told you to, bitch”


Anyone who has been awake and alert for as long as I have and certainly as long as the folks who run the DNC and the HRC for POTUS campaign should know that much, possibly most, of the electorate does not prioritize minority/gender/etc, rights as highly as self-interest. It’s not even active racism in the sense of people’s actions it’s simple self-interested callous shit that is such a part of my human experience that I have no respect for anyone who fails to take it in to consideration.

This was a winnable race without having to miraculously cure or even confront all the shitty “isms” that we’re infested with. Most voters are fucking dumb cowards AKA: “fodder”. You don’t win them over by appealing to a higher being inside them that does not exist. You jangle a shiny object nearby and say reassuring things.


No blame at all for the Dems here for shamelessly manipulating the primaries and completely failing to inspire people under age 29 to get out and vote (18-25 turnout: 55%)?

I wouldn’t bring that up since most of what he says about the media and the sheer amount of lies coming from the Trump camp are true, but then he couldn’t help raging at third party voters. Well that was your fault. Third party voters are a symptom of people being completely disgusted with your corrupt unfairly advantaged duopoly and you reinforced that with your own actions.

Yes, racism and sexism gave Trump his votes. You also failed by omission on your side, and you’ll keep losing as long as you try to blame everyone else but yourselves.


except … for a lot of folks those are the same thing!