White neighbor calls police after black man turns up to inspect house


Nope, i would put in a formal HR complaint and would escalate above the company if not addressed. I would 100% not be told i cannot speak spanish, and in your instance it was a single spanish word.


I would support her if she did it.


Yeah. That one is nasty enough that I wondered if I should put a content warning on it.


:musical_note: Blacks and the Asians, Turks and the chavs
Crowded in council flats, living like ants
And who’s more confused than the poor white trash
Spouting the bullshit about they want their country back
It never was yours, you should read more
What they did to brown people they did to their own poor
Peoples memories short, so much that I’m seeing
Black and Asian kids cussing eastern Europeans
No pot to piss in, makes competition
I fail to see how this is an effective system :musical_note:


For someone like that, I’d make a special effort to learn Klingon.


Lesson one!


Or Valyrian.


I just want to say @Melz2 @RickMycroft and @Mindysan33 are all brilliant human beings!!!




And, in a reasonable world, would be setting themselves up for legal consequences.


I’d be so tempted to great this a-hole in a different language every damned day just to make his little head ‘splode. (Meanwhile, document the ever-loving shit out of his responses in order to get him fired.)


Hmm. Thinking about it, anything much more than Pig Latin would overkill.


You could still learn Klingon, for your own enrichment…



No one is arguing that chilling effects don’t exist already and since you seem to agree that they do, why would we want to further deepen the problem?
Honestly, that’s like saying there is no point in stitching up a bullet hole because you have more than one.


I’d have a talk with him and if he didn’t straighten up I wouldn’t have him working for me, the cost in employee morale (and other staff turnover due to his presence) would be more than he could possibly be worth.



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