White protestors politely asked to leave, black protestor pepper sprayed and dragged away



Having watched this whole ordeal happen, I am going to call BS on this. Before that went down, he threw a glass bottle towards the cops. There was also a white female protester arrested shortly after this guy at the same location. Not defending what happened by any means, but this is just more media sensationalism to paint a story that doesn’t show all of the facts.


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Even at this point, there are still the loyal Fox drones.


Oh, you’re in Baltimore, taking part in the protests? And you joined bbs just to tell us that pointing out how the police generally abuse black people while treating white people politiely is “just more media sensationalism”? Do tell.

If that’s what you think, why were you even there?


I am not trying to defend what the police are doing in the least as a whole. I am just tired of seeing bullshit headlines like “White protestors politely asked to leave, black protestor pepper sprayed and dragged away” when that paints a very wrong picture of the scene in Baltimore. The guy in the video threw a bottle, then walked aggressively towards police (notice how the videos cut in right before he was pepper sprayed and don’t show anything before that including his walk up until he was a few feet away from the cops), he started shit and was handled accordingly, and at the EXACT same spot white people were arrested and plenty of black people were asked to go home without consequences like this. I am just calling bullshit on the headline and others like it that are more interested in clicks than telling the whole story. What happened to Freddy Gray is inexcusable, and I am not trying to give anyone a pass, but either tell the whole story or don’t talk.

I <3 people who join to BB just to defend assholes and then vanish.


When accusing someone of lying, it’s customary to include some kind of evidence. For being so concerned about facts, you’re conspicuously stingy with them yourself.


From the comments in the video:

WHAT RT DOESN’T SHOW: (I was watching this live)
The guy went onto the street and smashed a glass bottle in the street
leaving shards to injure, slice, cut and puncture. I just spent $275 on
two tires last week.
I generally hate the police, but in this case if I was a pig I would
have done the exact same thing. Fuck the Police…but fuck this asshole,

Two examples from the same block at the same time.

First is a link to an article where the headline image shows a white protester in handcuffs next to the guy who was pepper sprayed.


Second that shows the police van with white and black protestors at the same scene at the pepper spray incident.


How have I vanished? I replied to my initial comment immediately above the one you posted. I am still here. I <3 people who don’t read.

Personally, I blame the Fuck the Police tee shirt.

I can’t find a way to be okay with your comment. If you’re serious, it’s bullshit. If you’re kidding, it’s basically a rape joke; my clothes are not my consent.

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A comment on a youtube video. You’re basing your claim on…hm. You know what? Never mind, don’t worry about it.


All I am pointing out is that someone else has said the very same thing. The entirety of that being that there is missing video which changes the story. Do you believe that is false or made up? Or do you believe that the person that typed that you tube comment and the person on boing are the same? What makes a youtube comment immediately worthless? Would it have been truthier if it had been a tweet? You wanted proof, corroboration can be proof.

No, you’re right. Thinking on it, he could have been wearing a three piece
suit, but the cops would’ve still maced & busted him.

It’s almost as if some people are prepared to completely discount evidence of non-violent protest, choosing to instead interpret any and every action as violent in order to maintain their batshit-crazy and passive-racist, self-deluding narrative whilst at the same time ignoring or wilfully misinterpreting other data concerning policing methods in different communities to fit that same narrative.

Oh, and then making some statement about not having turned up to do precisely that because, well, you know, they hang around for one or two more comments.

The reason you won’t hang around, the reason you can’t hang around is because you really are aware of just how fucked up you are and this attempt to stand up for your ideology is one of the last, paper-thin, lines of defence your tortured neuroses have thrown up in an attempt to protect you from complete meltdown followed by a period of questioning your own identity.

Well, you’ve come to the right place. Please don’t judge yourself in too harsh a manner once you begin to wake up, you are quite clearly making some kind of an attempt to change. Whether you realise it or not.


And is never seen again, in any other thread, anywhere on the bbs…

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