Who is Gamergate? Analysis of 316K tweets


The “image” is “broken.”

Come on with the obscure terminology, huh?!
When The Google can’t help, how can I make sense of it?
‘No results found for: “sea lioned” urban dictionary


The first link Google gives me for sea lioned is the cartoon in question.


Well, that does seem pertinent; still rather obscure.
Thank you!
I wish Google were consistent… sigh

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But ‘Sea Lion’ is in the Urban Dictionary.

A lesbian cougar. An older woman that preys on younger women at bars and other prime locations in much the same way that cougars prey on younger men. Sea lion is derived from cougar as an aquatic homage to the large cat, namely because their diet consists of fish.
Did you see that sea lion that hit on Alexa? She was old enough to be her mom!

And now I’m really confused.

Okay, that makes more sense than “hit on by an older lesbian”.


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Wow; this is more “current” than I’ve been able to claim for years!
Just days ago & here we are; what fun for an old fart!

Should have headed the BoingBoing post with this graphic - really cool.


Don’t you hate clearing up after you cat has eaten a clown?


It might, but, if all critics of GG got sea lioned in THAT sense, this would be a much more interesting/amusing matter, sitting where I am in the spectator seats.

Is that really CGI? I think it’s just some bits of insulation fiber.

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I moved a post to a new topic: Can you PLEASE stfu about Gamergate?


whoa, cool


GamerGate is so ideologically fractured that I can never tell who’s for or against. And saying this doesn’t help clarify the issue, because those invested can only see their point and don’t see any others and don’t understand why you don’t understand.

Two completely impenetrable, un-disentangle-able hairballs. Made of Portuguese Man’O’War tentacles.


You did read the linked article, right? The one which explains the ‘sealion’ reference within the first few paragraphs, and directly hyperlinks it in the bit quoted by BoingBoing?

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Uh, no… Obviously!!! Your point is…? (Thanks for spelling it all out)
See, I’m not that interested in GG; enough to ‘read the rest’;
not enough for more than that.
I just like to understand what I read, if that’s OK with you?
Or not.

I can explain it for you, but I can’t understand it for you.