Who is the Lord of Synth?


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RIP Richard ‘Bob’ Moog
May 23, 1934 – August 21, 2005


prelude to the 19a0s


Funny. The female is Wendy Carlos, not Carla Wendos.


Dammit, the GOP wants this sweet cat lady to pee in the men’s bathroom :frowning:


I was about to ask if they were related?


The real and only lord of the synth



Read the other names carefully.
There is a nod to Tangerine Dream with one of the announcer names as well.


I watched this last night. It was really well done. I love the big finish.


I may have misunderstood the question…


Speaking of which, Moog Music just released an iOS simulation of a Moog Model 15 modular, for $30. According to Moog Music, you can zoom in on the controls (unlike Arturia’s Modular V), and control it from a MIDI keyboard.

The $10,000 Moog Model 15 Modular Synthesizer is now a $30 iPad app

Brilliantly done.

However, there was already a literal Lord of the synth.


Everybody knows it’s this guy…



Well played, friend.


And that this is being posted on the day, thirty years later, that Mongiquel Charray’s Electronica 2 is released.


This competition was a sham. They didn’t invite Wick Rakeman…


Both of them, I believe.

As well as Edgar’s first name.


I have one of the original vinyl pressings of “Switched-on Beethoven” from when she was still known as Carlton Wendos. I’m still not clear why there were so many cover variants from the same weird photo session (Beethoven prancing around a synthesizer).