Who put the "X" in "Xmas"




…and let’s not forget the reason for the season!

DEUS SOL INVICTUS, all hail the unconquerable sun!

That Χριστος fellow was born in the summertime or late fall.


Well at least we know who put the X in Sex.

Man that “no face paint” phase of theirs still freaks me out a bit.


What I’d like to know is who put the bomp in the bomp bah bomp bah bomp?


If you notice Jesus’ hand in some paintings, he’s flashing a sign that is his name in Greek.

You can see an example here:


Educated Christians should already know about this sort of stuff, like the chi-rho Christogram, one would have thought? Anyway, no big deal.


Christians are just ordinary folk. Not everyone knows everything.


The thing that tends to inspire a certain…visceral distaste… for christians ignorant of this particular bit of trivia is the (nontrival, and really loud) segment of christians who don’t know about it and freak out about the atheist, liberal, secular, plot to ‘take the Christ out of Christmas!!!’ or ‘Censor Jeus!!!’ by using “Xmas” as an abbreviation.


Jesus had better hope that Megyn Kelly is right about him being a white guy; because he is clearly flashing a gang sign in that icon. If she isn’t, it’s a tasing and overworked-public-defender-fun-time…


Thus the Chi-Rho page in the Book of Kells.


The loudest Christians are the ones with the least to say that’s worth hearing.


The loudest anyones are not worth listening to unless they’re singing.


Looks more like “The Shocker.”


No, but often these same Xians are professing to know how other people should live their lives, and claiming that Xianity is the only way to be a good person…while displaying gross ignorance of the same Xianity they are trying to force on others. I’ve found that I often know more about Xianity, it’s history, and what’s in the Bible than the Bible-thumpers I come across.


And sometimes not even then. You ever do karaoke?


Agree with most of the comments above, and would only add that the use of “X” instead of writing out “Christ” wasn’t merely for convenience, but rather to avoid using “His name in vain,” and thus to keep it sacred/holy/etc.


xkcd10k ftw!


That doesn’t sound right. Do you have a cite for that?


I was hoping it was aliens. :frowning:


I’d heard it was, in part to avoid persecution from the romans- use a code and such.