WHO warns 'immediate second peak' of coronavirus threatens countries that reopen too soon

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True for the capitalists, but in terms of Republican leaders, they’re quite willing to kill off their constituents and crash the economy to avoid instituting or expanding social programs. They’ve not been too shy about admitting this.


This is exactly why Trump attacked the WHO early and often. Now when his supporters see this, they just say “well that’s part of the deep state opposition allied with China”


I’m all for masks and social distancing and all the rest but “hide inside and print money” isn’t exactly a long term strategy for the country either.

we were already printing money before

there is a tax-and-spend party and a borrow-and-spend party, there’s no austerity party here

im assuming that’ll happen in the years to come as people are able to do in depth studies on mortality based on what’s been learned ( here and abroad. )

it’ll never be wholely accurate. probably a range of x to y deaths like other causes of deaths are. definitely higher though ( as you’re saying ) than the current numbers

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republicans are, really. they’re for private schools, private healthcare, privatizing social security, ending food stamps, and they’re pushing now for opening to end unemployment benefits.

during republican administrations they like to saddle up the debt, so that during a democrat’s administration they can ratchet down public programs.

it’s a longer austerity game, played again and again since the reagan era


If Dr. Mike Ryan of WHO cannot guarantee there will be a spike, then that means he doesn’t know what will happen. And if even the number one expert health guy doesn’t know, then no one knows what’s going to happen so that means it doesn’t matter what anyone does. That’s how you science. Give me money to run for a house seat.

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