Who was the legless man discovered on a Nova Scotia beach in 1863?


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“Call me Fishmeal.”


Meanwhile, on another coast of Canada:


What’s so unusual about finding someone legless in Nova Scotia?


They called him, “Bob”, until he hit the shoreline. Then he was, “Lay”.


Little known fact, he actually bounced across the water before landing on land.

Also, his name is ‘Skip’


He eventually got a job as a doorman at a local hotel. From then on, he was known to the regulars as “Matt”.


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He dabble in conceptual stuff for a while. Hung himself on the wall and called himself “Art.”

For a short while, he repaired potholes. Went by the alias “Phil.”


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I’m assuming he must be the last of Barrett’s Privateers.

A broken man on a Halifax pier…


“And the main truck carried off both me legs…”

Mystery solved! Good catch.



All the internets you have won today!

(In reality, it was about 85 years later…what are the odds of two legless sailors ending up on the same coastline like that?)


Let’s see. “The year was 1778”. Six years later (1784) he reaches Halifax “in my 23rd year”, i.e. 22 years old.

1863-1784=79 years, plus 22, means he was 101 when discovered on the beach.

I suspect he may have been an imposter.


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