Who will stand against the mammalian hordes?




It's probably good that the...tragic asteroid incident... is plausibly deniable. If there's any proportionality to justice, a bunch of small shrew-like creatures would be spending downright geologic amounts of time as guests of the Hague.


Oh, come on, we all already know the Lizards don't exactly have our best interests at heart. This just proves it.


Requisite SMBC


If You See Something, Eat Something


Great poster. Sold out. -1


im in a dinosaur themed band, i WILL be using this as a gig poster at some point!




I also liked the Perry Bible Fellowship theory:


Alas, their quest was in vain. The worlds' governments even today are in thrall to the Reptilians.


T-Rex's famous hands are clearly too big here.


Not funny, but just saw this article that perhaps runs perpendicular to this one...
How Birds Survived the Dinosaur Apocalypse | Science/AAAS | News


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