Who will stand against the mammalian hordes?


It’s probably good that the…tragic asteroid incident… is plausibly deniable. If there’s any proportionality to justice, a bunch of small shrew-like creatures would be spending downright geologic amounts of time as guests of the Hague.

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Oh, come on, we all already know the Lizards don’t exactly have our best interests at heart. This just proves it.

Requisite SMBC

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If You See Something, Eat Something


Great poster. Sold out. :-1:

im in a dinosaur themed band, i WILL be using this as a gig poster at some point!


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I also liked the Perry Bible Fellowship theory:


Alas, their quest was in vain. The worlds’ governments even today are in thrall to the Reptilians.

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T-Rex’s famous hands are clearly too big here.

Not funny, but just saw this article that perhaps runs perpendicular to this one…
How Birds Survived the Dinosaur Apocalypse | Science/AAAS | News

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