Who's going to Zoolander 2 Opening Night?




We thought it was very funny and were pleased with it. We were surprised that the theater was not packed on opening night. It was half empty with a bunch of teenagers. I was expecting more excitement. Just me?

Penelope Cruz did a very good job with her character as the International Fashion Police (Interpol). She has a kind of 60’s sizzle that works well, and taking the location to Italy was great; made it more international and tipped the hat to Fellini. When they reveal the backstory on her character it is very funny; I think she did a great job.

There were a zillion cameos, to the point that it was distracting, but a few that were so unexpected and well done that I forgave all the others.

The first 40 minutes or so was kind of slow and not as funny though the initial scene with Derek is very good, but then at the end it just went so over the top insane, it was great. When Will Ferrell comes in as Mogatu it gets very fun. It was like: strap in, we’re taking you for a really stupid ride.

There’s a new character, the latest fashion star, who’s on a lot in the start. It seems like it should work, and sometimes it does, but for whatever reason the whole thing was not all that funny.

Like a lot of sequels, they have to deal with repeating a certain number of jokes from the first movie. A few they do in a fun twist and few seem forced. Guess that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

I missed Ben Stiller’s wife as Matilda, though she had some bits in there. She was the one understated performance in the original movie and I think she was a good straight man - and also had her own way of humor that worked as a counterpoint to all the over the top stuff. Stiller and Cruz definitely don’t have the same chemistry, so it has a different feeling; it would have been nice to have had one character who seemed more “normal.” In a way his son plays that role, but even though the actor did a good job with him, he’s not on the screen all that much and there’s not much of a feeling of a relationship between him and Stiller.

My daughter and I both appreciated that not only the main characters, but a lot of the side characters were back.

There was less fashion focus though the outfits were all great, but the set design and props were really well done. They kept that fashion consciousness to the point of absurdity.

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Deadpool opened about the same time. That one won the weekend for sure.

I’ll see them both, eventually, at home. And I armor myself with a questionable memory for third-hand fiction, which protects me from all spoilers.

Sounds funny

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