Zoolander 2 trailer


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Yeah,even though I will see it–and may even dress up–aren’t I even more fearful of Z2 than Star Wars?

(I almost did a spit take when I saw Benedict)


I didn’t know how badly I wanted to see this until now.


But will it be any good? Sandler’s been batting zero for zero recently.

Edit: Ignore me. Nominative amnesia strikes again!


I am gonna stay positive, and may drink heavily before I see it.


Zoolander is the best stupid movie ever made. We can only hope that this will be the most worst stupid best movie…afterwards…ever made!




Yes, that is why they kept him far away from this movie, locked in a steamer trunk at the bottom of Lake Michigan.

Or maybe they just did that because he needed killin’.


Damn, you’re right, it’s not Sandler, it’s the guy I always get Sandler confused with…


Yeah, I don’t think Ben Stiller has done anything bad recently (or really anything). The Night at the Museum movies aren’t so great, but people seem to like them for some reason.

Adam Sandler, while regularly awful, isn’t involved.


Obviously, there is already a transphobic “joke” in it.


Androgyny is not transgender and the joke, like all Zoolander jokes, is that they are too dumb (and in this case, old and lame) to know what even that is.


The trailer actually does not look all that bad, i’m still excited to see the movie.


I am in line already!

That Hansel is so hot!


My wife says I handle the kitchen-sink-sprayer like the gas-station scene.

::le sigh::


“Maybe we could try a wash cloth”



Did you know what’s his name from the gas station scene is Alexander Skarsgard?


I haven’t seen TrueBlood, so – no. But now I know’s he’s Stellan’s kid!

Wifey and I just saw Skarsgard-pere in King of Devil’s Island, but have NOT seen him in Anita: Swedish Nymphet.


The first movie benefited from shattering extremely low expectations. I wonder if it can do as good with actually-not-low expectations.

I also wonder if we’ll see a Dodgeball sequel…:slight_smile:


I didn’t read that as transphobic - there’s no condemnation of All there. In the narrative, it looks like All is the hottest thing in fashion right now, and that All’s genitals don’t matter to the world at large. They just matter to these two incompetent, out-of-touch doofuses. The implication is that androgyny is valuable, sexy, interesting, and hip, while caring about genitals is “old” and “lamé.” It’s something that shows the troubles in their world, the growth they need to go through.

Maybe I’m not observant enough, I dunno, but it seems like All is not the butt of that joke, Derek and Hansel are for being obsessed with a detail everyone else regards as inconsequential.


Yes this. Also, lighten up, Francis.