'The Interview' is now available in more places than anyone actually needs




An inconsistency.

The Interview is a pretty smart movie


Even pretty sparked this movie was not that funny. There were a few running gags that paid off and the movie actually looks good but the script fails to fill out the film. It’s like David Byrne in that giant suit, without all the talent.


The review had me up to the part where is said the “goal was to emasculate him”… because that’s still kind of juvenile bro-culture stuff, if you ask me. But, I can see where the guy is coming from and he’s likely right. I do think that Rogan and Franco can be pretty funny and smart, and this seems like it might be better than some other comedies of this sort (though I’d have to say, Team American is still the film to beat in this genre - it would be hard to beat it).

I also wonder if the movie would have gotten nearly this attention or just would have faded into obscurity without this whole hullabaloo surrounding it? Maybe it would have become a cult classic with a strong fan base, but would it have so widely talked about? I kind of doubt it, but we’ll never know now. The story about the movie is bigger than the movie would have been, I think.


Thanks for posting. I have heard some limited but yet “pleasent surprise” reviews as well.


I gave up on it about a third of the way through. Maybe it gets smarter and funnier later on, but my overwhelming impression was “This is no This Is The End.”


A major problem I had with the film is that I found Franco and Rogen’s characters so intensely annoying. You’ve got a serious problem with your comedy when the vicious dictator provides uplift. (Not that KJU was any better written, but he was performed a lot better.)


The only way this whole situation could get any dumber is if North Korea responded with a film about Kim Jong-un coming to America to assassinate James Franco and Seth Rogen.


A finer argument for “let’s you and him fight” I’ve never seen. Popcorn’s on me.



I’m surprised it’s “meh”. All things considered I’d have expected worse.


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