New threat from Sony Pictures hackers: “Remember the 11th of September 2001”


Honestly, I’m prepared to hand over Seth Rogen and James Franco.

Nothing they’ve done to North Korea is as bad as what they’ve inflicted on the rest of us over the years.


It strikes me that perhaps Captain Obvious is heading up this particular GOP.


Best. Movie. Marketing. Plan. Ever.

(sorry, too soon?)


This has to be fake if they are comparing a response to a film to 9/11. It’s like they tried to one up the Innocence of Muslims (supposed) response.

Is Rogen the hacker?

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I despise SONY (still haven’t forgiven them for the rootkit thing) and the movie seems at best a “meh.”

But I may have to go see it, just to thumb my nose at North Korea.


Torrent it and thumb your nose on both. :stuck_out_tongue:


Most of me wants to say “LOL North Korea,” but the main thing I remember about 9/11/01 was that a pack of goofballs with an insane plan out of an action movie actually did something horrible, so it’s actually a little unnerving.

Still, making me feel that watching a probably-awful Seth Rogan movie is my patriotic duty is something that can not stand unopposed.


The way the buzz has been flying about regarding Sony Pictures and their Spider-Man plans, you’d think we were on the verge of some bold new era of corporate openness.

Or not.

I dunno. Rogan is funny. Sometimes. I liked that “The is the End” movie.

I watched it after watching the new Star Trek film. I thought to myself, “I bet this movie was though of and the basic plot and script pumped out by a couple of guys sitting around, getting stoned, eating pizza and playing video games. And it still made more sense than Into Darkness.”


This movie looks like pretty classic boorish America – Why are they murdering a standing leader of a country? If North Korea, or Russia for that matter, or any other country where Americans doesn’t like the leader, had a major studio producing a movie about assassinating Barack Obama, things would not go well.

While I can agree that most of the time assassination is not the way to go. In North Korea’s case I’d make an exception. There are NO redeeming qualities with NK’s government. Its basically the largest cult on earth, convinced SK and the US are ready to invade and rape their babies and eat their women - or vice versa - at any time. It’s worse than a dictatorship, it’s like a monarchy where the leader is god. Like the ancient Egyptians.

The dystopian authoritarian future government we all worry about and write about and see in movies is what the NK people live through.

So no, I don’t have a problem with a movie depicting a plot to remove that ‘god’.


All the world will denounce the SONY.

Ah… so just like every time they release a crappy film, eh?

Also, engrish FTW.

Nah, things would be just fine. People burn US & other Presidents/leaders in effigy, ridicule them constantly, do this that and the other including joke about killing any and all world leaders. It’s not a problem.

If a major studio in some other country, or the US, did it all that would mean is higher production values.

Who was President in 2006? I can’t recall


I’d argue the tone of that film is just a little bit different than what The Interview is going for… But sure, let’s pretend context doesn’t exist.

Also – $2M budget.

My suspicion is that threatening terrorist activity is not going to end well for this group. While I’m sure all the three letter agencies were already putting effort into tracking down the source of the hacks, an actual threat of violence is going to open up a lot of “fuck the rules, just find these assholes” type of detective work.

In the eyes of the US that puts you into a whole different class of criminal.

I don’t really know anything about the mindset of the people living in NK, though I’m well aware it’s a shithole and the Kim’s are awful tyrants.

But Zoolander just called them “the Malaysian prime minister.” That seems a safer route to take.

"This movie looks like pretty classic boorish America "…

Methinks you’ve stumbled over the whole point of it. North Korea’s “righteous deed” only makes it doubly ridiculous. Now I have to actually go and see the stupid thing just to tell NK to get stuffed. I’m a patriot.

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“The SONY” is probably cluttering up glorious leader’s mansion with all sorts of gee-gaws. It will be amusing to see him switch it all out for The Samsung. Now that’s irony…not that the blockheads in the NK Department of Righteous Deeds really go for all that corrupt western wit stuff.