Watch the Kim Jong Un death scene that led to untimely death of 'The Interview'




Can you guys just post the whole film please?


I’m trying to decide who’s more unpalatable, the North Korean regime or Sony.


That was a beautiful thing…


the Kim Jong Un death scene that led to untimely death of ‘The Interview’

That scene didn’t lead to the death of “The Interview.” Having knee-jerk cowards in positions of power at media companies is what killed the film.


Hey, how about a spoiler warning!

My mind always mentally moves the hyphen frok before to after the ‘Un’. Makes headlines about this guy much more amusing.


North Korea just learned all they have to do is threaten terrorism, and western corporations will obey.

Once you pay danegeld, you’ll never be rid of the Dane.


My thoughts on this are mixed. While I am against self censorship, it seems like there is times when being sensitive to others is common sense.

Remember that N. Korea is a nuclear power. I can’t imagine a major studio making a movie about assassinating the Secretary General of the USSR as a joke during the cold war.

If someone made a move about how funny it would be to assassinate the pope, I can’t imagine Sony green-lighting that.

Maybe the “terrorists win” by making us act like grownups.

If we get further up a slippery slope, then Media companies can always address this on a case by case basis.


They learned that long ago. Governments have been doing it for decades.


Wow, cool. So terrorists are doing us a favor, and Kim is a nice guy who’s misunderstood?

Exactly who do you work for?


Not an ‘if’:


Cool, can we see the rest of the film now, Oh, I forgot, it’s up to Sony’s censor jerkoffs…


No, it’s just that making movies about blowing up the heads of our enemies is low.

I’m not saying that Kim is a good leader, or a good person.

Poking a bear with a sharp stick is dumb, even if that bear was a man-eater.


This is not the actual current pope, this is a fictional character.


Yeah, but without the Danes in England, we wouldn’t have Beowulf, so there’s that.


Or blonde English girls.


I’m thinking that all those anti-USSR films of the 80’s probably didn’t thrill the Russians, despite the fact that they didn’t use the names of real Russian politicians/generals/etc.




You don’t usually expect this sort of visual poetry in a Seth Rogen film.


Saxons were fairly blonde, no?

They deserve what they got anyway. Invaders killing other invaders.