Sony will allow theaters to show 'The Interview'


Now if we can just get some theater chains to demonstrate a modicum of courage and actually schedule it…


Best free marketing campaign for a B movie ever!


Well, thanks for the concern trolling.

Yeah, right. They were trying to shut it down a while back. My guess is that the insurance company pushed back on their efforts to have the film declared a total loss, and now they think they can make more money by releasing it.


And what a wonderful marketing campaign this has been , especially since most people who look at the “hack” have deemed it an inside job. Seriously, North Korea hacking terabytes of information, much of it only available in local machines on internal secured networks? Come on. People bought that?

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The movie looks dumb.

Oh noes, is Kim spreading that now?

Also, seems it will be available for pay-per-view on an advanced schedule as well.

So maybe, thanks to Kim, we have an example of another distribution model. I rather suspect it will make money in the end, after all this.

I’m pretty sure it always looked dumb. I’m tempted to see it to stick it to Dear Leader. But that’s 2 hours of my life that I’ll never get back and it means supporting Sony. Blech. I could root for the bros who are going to see…good lord, what am I saying?

I think we can all agree that it should be allowed fail on the free market of its own merits rather than the DPRK’s offense.



This is a crazy idea, but bear with me:

Maybe some people think that it just looks fucking stupid. I saw the trailer before the controversy, and thought, “Good God, he got another one of his stoner ideas greenlighted.”

I don’t get this notion that, because there’s a chance that North Korea was working to make sure this wasn’t released, that it now has artistic merit, because of controversy.

Imagine if someone had tried to prevent The Naked Gun or Airplane! from being released. Now imagine if someone tried to suggest that it was your patriotic duty to behave as if those movies were important pieces of Americana.



just imagine this, there are scripts in filing cabinets in hollywood somewhere that pauly shore turned down.


Well, I think Sony’s all but guaranteed more people will see it (or pay for it on the distribution network) than would have otherwise, because of sticking it to Kim.

This will end up being a very effective campaign by Sony in the end. This turd might actually make money. The deals they’re making with the theaters are non-conventional since the major theaters are not being approached, and only minor ones are.

I gotta applaud them on this stunt. Turned a very big negative (them having someone internal hack the daylights out of them, stealing tons of corporate data and personal information they were keeping on customers) into THEM being the good guys fighting evil.


How dare you disparage the memory of OJ Simpson and Robert Hayes like that!


:stuck_out_tongue: It’s a Festivus miracle! :stuck_out_tongue:


If The Naked Gun and Airplane are not important pieces of Americana, then what is?

I am serious… and don’t call me Shirley.


Quite right. I encourage all of you to do your part for free speech and go see The Interview, no matter how insipid, tedious, or unfunny it turns out to be. Your ticket cost is the price of democracy!

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“Ya see, it’s brilliant! We oversell shares in the movie, we make it so provocative that the distributors have no choice but to bury it, then we walk with the investors’ money – what could possibly go wrong?”


Now, what I’m saying is this: imagine if someone defended it as a work of art.

Not that it isn’t.

And don’t call me Shirley.

I predict it will be a cinematic masterpiece.

Just like The Watch.

Yeah, I know, it’s not a Rogen movie…but it might as well be. Plus, the original title was Neighborhood Watch, announced about the time of the Treyvon Martin shooting.

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