Whose deaths get official Obama mention?


*not that Jon Favreau.


He (and his staff) also have to deal with the fact that if he mentions, or fails to mention certain people, right-wing heads will explode. Soft-pedal it, or go for it?

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A shame, really. I bet those would be some fantastic speeches.

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Obama’s White House uses it a lot less, but Bush, Clinton and Bush were very consistent in styling it as “The President and Mrs. Bush were saddened” or “The President and Mrs. Clinton were deeply saddened” – depended on the person who died. It was never clear if any Kremlinology could be used to dissect who deserved which, but it was almost always one or the other.

Not ALL Favreau’s, eh?

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Thank you, because given that he’s had a couple other Hollywood types in various positions, it seemed believable.

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