Celebrities share their favorite moments from Obama’s presidency

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Tone deaf.

Corralling a bunch of celebrities in gushing support of a Dem leader is part of what sank Mrs. Clinton.


I liked the extrajudicial drone killings best.


The coolest, most elegant extrajudicial presidential killings ever.


The fact that so many Americans hate Obama so vociferously is why I think this country is pretty much screwed for another few generations. I can understand how liberals might be pissed at him for not being liberal enough, but when I hear from conservatives how he was a dictator, or how Obamacare is communism, or how he divided this country by promoting anti-white racism, I don’t even know how to respond. My only reply is to ask for examples, and they invariably bring up stuff that was promoted on Fox News that maybe can be called opinion, but is really just willful misrepresentation, including stuff you find debunked on snopes.com or fact-check.org.

Even if you hate his politics I don’t see how you can hate the man, he seems genuinely honest and intelligent and sometimes even witty.


To me (and speaking as a Canadian with a view clearly different than someone living in the US), Obama demonstrated, more than anything, that right now it seems like it doesn’t matter WHO ends up in the position of President, they are, despite their best intentions, or who they are as a person, nearly guaranteed to be vilified by half the country. Talk about a thankless job at the moment!


Yeah, no kidding, now Obama will never get re-elected!

Does it really matter what the Democrats do when so much of the population believes all the conservative talking points and conspiracy theories?


About 20% of 'em. They’re a small minority.

But they’re a small minority who have maneuvered themselves into disproportionate power.

Yes, it really does. Especially when they achieve positions of power. Holding political office is more than a mere popularity contest.

My problem with Obama is that if he really did have ordinary people’s interests at heart (and I’m not convinced he did), then he just didn’t try hard enough to advance ordinary people’s interests.


And they seem to have a disproportionate control over the debate (global warming for example.) But it’s enough.[quote=“milliefink, post:9, topic:92566”]
My problem with Obama is that if he really did have ordinary people’s interests at heart (and I’m not convinced he did), then he just didn’t try hard enough to advance ordinary people’s interests.

Yes, I’ve heard this before, and my problem with it is that the GOP set out from day one to oppose him at every move. He could have tried and failed, or he could maneuver as best he could and accomplish something instead of nothing. I think if he had a sizable majority in both houses (and certainly some fault can be placed on moderate Democrats) then he would have accomplished much much more.

I am not convinced Bernie could have won where Hillary failed (it’s possible, not guaranteed) and I am 100% sure he would have no better success at working with a GOP-controlled congress than Obama did.

When I think of the problems facing American politics today, a promo video like this one is at the bottom of the list of important issues. “Tone deaf”? The celebrities gushing over Obama in this video are nothing compared to the celebrities (and even some famous conservatives) who came out against Trump and it made no difference.


Heard it all before, and you’re not listening to me, so hey, bye, have a good’n.

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Yes, because hardly anyone gives a shit what celebrities think about politicians and political issues. (And “hardly anyone” is still too many).

Ah, yes, but when Trump does it it is different. See, his hair is all weird and looks like a dead thing perched atop his head while Obama has the stylish salt-and-pepper thing going on and this makes all the difference when you are having people—oh, just anyone really—murdered for secret reasons using an undisclosed process based on classified evidence.


I can hate the man just fine. Why? The murders. I’m going to have to go with the murders, really. I know, I know, I’m just not adapting to the times, but for me murders just sour the whole experience.


My problem with Obama is that if he really did have ordinary people’s interests at heart (and I’m not convinced he did), then he just didn’t try hard enough to advance ordinary people’s interests.

Yup. I think he found himself in the position of being Community Organizer in Chief of some of the worst people on the planet. At best, he let them do their thing without carrying too much water for them when they fucked up spectacularly. At worst, he let them do their thing. Sigh.


I agree. As would, I gather, Mr. Fish, who really had Obama’s number.


I’ve been thinking lately that the Obama presidency is the ultimate casualty of respectability politics.

He was so focussed on maintaining an uncontroversial legacy that he blew his chance to actually do something.

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But but, obstructionist republicans! mutter mutter


Dunno, he could always pardon the wrong people and get whacked for his trouble.

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I can understand why you think the video is tone deaf, but do the people appearing in the video agree with you? Do the millions of Democrats who voted for Hillary in the primaries agree with you? I wish the Democratic party were a lot more progressive, but all those Democrats who chose Hillary over Bernie tell me it isn’t, so there’s a big part of the problem right there.

I don’t think any of us can really understand what goes on in the halls of government, and I don’t know whether Obama was bought, was being pragmatic, or was just wimping out. I give him some benefit of the doubt simply because I haven’t walked in his shoes. I can complain about corporatism as good as you, but big money is apparently what it takes to get elected, and until campaign laws are radically changed nothing else will change.

Well, do obstructionist Republicans deserve some of the blame here or not? I’d say at least half, so my anger with them is at least as justified as your anger with Obama.

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