Why are so many deer jumping off this highway overpass to their deaths?

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What do they know, that we don’t know?


My guess is that a fence or fences, but that said that may increase the chances of cars impacting deer in that area. It may seem odd, but it may be a rather political issue there.

“In 2016, more than 4,000 deer-related crashes were reported in Pennsylvania, according to the Pennsylvania Insurance Department. In Washington County there were 120 deer-related crashes – eighth most in the state – with another 23 in Greene County, 45 in Fayette and 159 in Westmoreland County.” Source: The Observer Reporter, 2018 07 27 “Pennsylvanians have a 1-in-54 chance of being involved in an animal-related crash, the fifth highest in the nation.” **Source: Pennsylvania Pressroom, government press outlet, Wolf Administration Reminds Motorists To Use Extreme Caution To Avoid Deer Collisions 2021 11 28

In the U.S. it can be argued that deer are one of the most dangerous to encounter and are perhaps the most deadly of animals, when one is traveling at speed in a small mother vehicle. Source: Vox; You are way more likely to be killed by deer… 2016 09 24, also CDC, U.S. Centers for Disease Control *Nonfatal Motor-Vehicle Animal Crash…2001–2002, 2004 08 04

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“so long and thanks…
for nothing!”


…for the Covid!


Obviously there is something they can do, even if it’s just fencing the sides of the bridge. Heck, if kids were jumping off the bridge a fence would go up quite quickly. Maybe they think having the deer jump off is better than having a collision on the bridge, but a falling deer will do serious harm if it hits a car below.


Well, around here just about all the deer at this point have had Covid, so it could be a long-Covid effect. And according to some quick search findings, in that area there’s only about a 3% infected rate (i.e. currently infected, not has been infected which is much, much higher.)

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My God! Do you see the news?

Maybe because there’s no wildlife crossing? :thinking: They seem to work in New Jersey and elsewhere:


If it’s actually the bridge design & not just the fact that deer get onto it, get spooked, then run for the nearest clear escape route, can we have like, say, a couple hundred in Bucks county? You could lose 90% of the white tailed rats & still have plenty. They’re now a hazard given the overpopulation.

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