Why do deer run into traffic, anyway?

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A truck driver acquaintance once told me that the majority of dead deer that you see along interstates in the West (without seeing an equivalent number of wrecked vehicles) were the results of deer jumping INTO THE SIDES of big-rig trailers. They will wait until they see headlights pass and then leap across the road, not realizing that there’s a 53 foot stretch of speeding metal past those headlights.


From what I’ve heard, it’s a startle reflex, they jump randomly, which makes sense if a mountain lion is rushing at you, you are better off moving at random than trying to think. Not so good when grazing on the side of the highway. They jump every which way, sometimes into traffic. Or so I hear.

And those deer whistles do nothing. First, if you cannot hear it, neither can a deer, they don’t have any better high frequency hearing than we do, and second, mounted on your bumper, they are in the slow moving boundary layer, so I doubt they would work as intended anyways.

yeah the rule we got in motorcycle safety class was just panic stop and hope. there is no way to judge which way they will jump so swerving out of the way is not an option.

From BMW riders who sometimes ride with Harley people, this is the one time loud pipes save lives, they startle the deer when they are still a safe distance away from you.


But they really piss off the neighbor’s dog, so they’re still useful.


Deer are often part of a herd or smaller group of doe and fawns that has already crossed the road. If you see two deer cross the road, assume there is a third one that will follow in a couple seconds.

During the rut, bucks will cross traffic because they smell does in heat or the scent of a rival buck.

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So… Burnout 2 crash mode for deers?

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[1]: http://forestambassador.com/

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Sounds like a 21st-century version of the old IBM PC BASICA GAMES donkey-crossing-the-road game, or maybe Frogger.

Except in this one you get points not for safely crossing but causing as much vehicular mayhem before becoming roadkill.

So, set myself a challenge: escort bunnies to safety!
So far, my best is two lanes :frowning:
Edit: did it by cheating. Leaped into white area, bunnies followed. Led them to the safe side of the whiteness. Nothing different at all happened.

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