Why Author Peter V. Brett Empathizes with George R.R. Martin


No comments, again? Maybe the image on the BB post list puts people of. It smells of two adults never quite growing past age 12. Which is fine! But the image just says ‘nope’ to me.

Or people prefer to do their boing(boing)ing in text form rather than multimedia. I know I was excited about the headline until I clicked through and went “aw, man, an audio!”


If it’s not text, I usually skip it.

I do most of my Web browsing while at work, since most of the time I’m just passively watching for alerts for minor problems. It’s easy to break off from reading if something comes up, but much harder to break off from audio or video.


Audio and video are also not scannable for interesting tidbits. They are intended for much more linear consumption. Top that off with lack of a clear indication of the projected time investment and, for me, text wins out every time.


@FoolishOwl I save audio and podcasts for when I go on long walks (although often I don’t listen to anything). But audio/podcasts are great when you’re doing dishes or dusting or folding five loads of laundry. I’ve had to train myself to NOT be a completest, because I cannot keep up with all my favorite podcasts. I just can’t devote that sort of time to audio, and I’m no good at working or writing or reading while listening to stuff (even music, although it depends on what I’m doing and what I’m listening to … I listen to a lot of lyric-less jazz when working/writing).


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