Why comets are like deep-fried ice cream


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Both of these were already my favorite things. Thank you.


I’m sure they were having ice cream for science. I would too.

Mmm… rotten egg and urine ice cream


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In Niven and Pournelle’s “Lucifer’s Hammer,” which is about a comet hitting the Earth, there is a chapter where one of the main characters is interviewing some scientists at JPL. To illustrate the effects of a comet hitting us they call it a cubic mile of hot fudge sundae, and then they work out the math.



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Comets r jelly beans? (perhaps rotten egg and skunk)
Jelly Belly Bean Boozled

“A comet is like deep fried ice cream,” said Murthy Gudipati […]. “The
crust is made of crystalline ice, while the interior is colder and more
porous. The organics are like a final layer of chocolate on top.”

“And now if you’ll excuse me,” Gudipati continued, “I’m making a trip to the local state fair. Bye!”

Next up: conflict arises as another scientist claims fried turkey legs make a better analogy…

Hot Fudge Sundae that Falls on Tuesdae - Luicifer’s Hammer


This is not really science. No evidence of ice has been found on the comet. Complete and total conjecture with no basis in observation. Made me want fried ice cream though…

“Which this year falls on a Tuesday.”

But the exact composition of comet crust -- and how it forms -- remains unclear.

That’s from the article, which I read.

You knock down certainties that nobody but you imagines are being stated? If you must.

And I want friend ice cream, too :confused: .

I hear the center of the earth is like a magnetic churro!

The comet isn’t that smelly.

Funnily enough my son did once turn down durian flavoured ice cream.

A European spacecraft has picked up a foul odor emanating from a comet called 67P/C-G. Imagine sharing a stable with a drunk person and a dozen rotten eggs.

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