Why did armed officers raid a strip club and take photos?


“demanding sexual favors from women he pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving.” Otherwise known as sexual assault or rape…


In the Ayn Rand Fantasy Theme Park of Reason.com, everyone is free to do everything!!


Because “Pix or it didn’t happen”


Time to pop in the tape of everyone’s favorite department training video actor - Harvey Keitel


Boy I sure feel safer now! I mean how am I supposed to sleep at night knowing there are strippers in clubs working…

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I can’t decide whether this is better or worse than paying confidential informants to have sex with strippers at a strip club in order to build a case for citing the club for prostitution.


I bought a jeep just down the road from that place. The dealer gave me a free admission pass. I never went. That place was been in the spotlight about a decade ago involving similar circumstances. Corrupt city council members or something…

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Maybe someone was behind on “rent”?


The people at Reason.com think people should be free to sexually assault each other?

@milliefink I’m not sure why there is a reason.com crossover happening here, but I don’t think libertarianism, or Ayn Rand’s version of it would be ok with government agents assaulting citizens; in fact the role of govt is quite the opposite, even in its extremely limited (as envisioned) capacity.

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Likely not, if actually pressed on the logical and practical limitations of their Koch-fueled “freedom! freedom! no nanny state! collectivism and government are bad! etc.” ideology. But who knows, there may well be ideologues there who are pure enough to insist that laws against sexual assault infringe on freedom of sexual expression.

I think it’s happening because the Koch bros and their ilk are getting gradually better at finding ways to make ideology that ultimately serves the interests of plutocrats seem cool.

So, you’re saying that they might think people should be free to sexually assault each other, but then probably would have to admit that wouldn’t be okay?

It doesn’t really makes sense as the folks at Reason.com (with whom I frequently disagree) are all about the voluntary exchange of goods and services. One would have to have a very reflexive, and limited understanding of their philosophy to even suggest that they would support the freedom of people to sexually assault one another.

It’s kind of similar to the way conservatives think Obama is a socialist.


So, to be clear, the take-away from the fact that cops raided a strip club and took pictures of the strippers is that the people reporting it are the problem?


No. The problem with this presentation of those facts is how it fits into and promulgates a broader narrative, as well how it makes a place like Reason.com seem, ironically enough, reasonable.

What is the “broader narrative” from a story about cops using bureaucratic excuses to raid strip clubs and take pictures of the women there?

Reason is frequently more reasonable - and liberal - on issues of civil rights, criminal justice, and foreign policy than the leaders of the Democratic party. I disagree with them on other positions they hold regarding the proper role of government in society, but that doesn’t mean they deserve to be ignored on all issues or that their philosophies should be grossly misrepresented.


I think that they probably just heard about the Hawaiian officers and decided that this was what they could get away with in San Diego…

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It somehow seems worse than sexual assault when it’s a cop with a gun and the power to get paid vacation if he decides to kill you.


There’s going to be a rush on applications at Hawaiian police stations.

At least Hawaii is limiting it to police officers. The confidential informants used by police were usually convicted criminals who were paid to go to strip clubs and solicit sex in exchange for reduced sentences. Because nothing teaches a lesson to someone who’s guilty of domestic abuse like having to have sex.