Why did the US Army's Chief warn against "little green men"?


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Just as long as they don’t have to deal with large (but short-fingered) orange men.



But, wasn’t green attire military uniforms in the US for decades?

But I get their point. It is generic garb, not an official uniform because they aren’t part of a government military. Thus, paramilitary.

Not to be confused with the para-military, which is a different thing.


I just assumed he was talking about these guys:


Now, if he had slipped and said “little grey men” that would’ve been a lot harder to get out of.


Someone lives under a rock, it seems. That phrase is in use ever since Russian soldiers in uniforms without any insignia have invaded Crimea.


Forget the Little Green Men. I want to know about these “Hybrid Armies”! Are they Wolf-Men or Man-Wolves or Half Bear/Half Man? Or snake-men! Snake-men would be cool :wink:


That makes sense. And a General in the US Army knows more about Ukrainian culture than American culture. Where is Senator McCarthy when we need him?


If the phrase “little green men” is so commonly used, then why did the Army Times need to explain it to its own readers? Using a reference to a BBC article as if it was an example of its commonality is also strange since the Beeb also felt the need to offer an explanation.

I’m not buying into the conspiracy theories, just wondering if the General is in need of medical leave.


US army general probably doesn’t know much about Ukrainian culture but is very likely to know heck lot about the Russian army. It somehow happens to be in his job description, don’t you think?


Well, you have a point, but I still think it was aliens.



Or better yet, these: http://www.yogajoes.com/


Or these: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Green_Men


Anyone who’s ever accidentally stepped on one, barefoot, in the middle of the night, knows that you need to beware of them.


A military campaign against LGM-1 would find my support.