Why do the Carters look tiny compared to the Bidens in this photo?


When does this new Wes Anderson movie come out?


You’ll need to know the lens that was used; generic lens correction or other transform tools in PS won’t do a decent job. Most of the lenses by major manufacturers have correction profiles. For example, in Adobe Lightroom you’d pick, say, Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8 III, and it’ll accurately correct for chromatic aberration, distortion, and vignetting. (The profiles are available in PS and Camera Raw too, but without them it’s just guesswork.)


Humanoid decoy suit malfunction.

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Maybe the Bidens were visiting the Carters, and not for shooting photographs. I guess a photographer has to tag along, because President, but he probably was not allowed to re-arrange the Carter’s house much.

As for fixing it in post, I suspect the photographer has had a go because there are lots of straight lines in the picture frames, but the wall on the left has escaped. Anyway there is only so much you ought to do with a historical photo (if this is one), if that is what this is, before you get accused of faking it.

Democrat Avengers Assemble!


Nobody had an iPhone?

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It’s called “ethics in photojournalism.”

“Wide-angle lenses have this angle no matter how optically correct they are,” Mr. Schneider said, adding that these sorts of optical distortions can be fixed in post production.

But while editing the photo may have made it look more realistic, that would be frowned upon, said Doug Mills, a photographer assigned to the Washington bureau of The New York Times.

Mr. Mills was outside the Carters’ home during the photo session and saw the flash go off inside. He agreed that it seemed likely that a wide-angle lens was used to solve the problem of capturing all four subjects in a small space.

Some asked why the Carter Center would release a distorted photo, or why it was not edited to remove the distortion.

“That would be completely forbidden,” Mr. Mills said. Official White House photographers are supposed to abide by ethical rules similar to those followed by photojournalists, he said.

The picture, for all its amusing flaws, is history.


Trump’s hands are very humble in their tinyness and barely embarrassed by the need to both being utilized to drink from a glass.

I figured it was because they had a sense of humor.