Why do the people look like aliens in this 1895 "gynecological gymnastics" book


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Ok well, since his name is Thure I have to make the following assumptions>

  1. The Pied Piper of Hamlin was a very evil man who lured children into a pellucidarean netherworld, and by his black arts made them - if not immortal functionally so, granting lifetimes far beyond our earthly norms.

  2. Entrances to this world was found in several Swiss expeditions of the mid 1800s.

  3. The children were still alive beneath the ground but had, through centuries of living in cramped subterranean tunnels become gray-skinned, ancient with bulbous heads and large eyes to better catch what limited light there was to catch, and extremely thin and elongated.

  4. Thure Brandt attempted to reintegrate the children into normal human society, introducing them to sexual education which had been denied them by their tyrannical underground emperor - the aforementioned evil pied piper.

  5. It has been reported that one night in 1893 Zurich a haunting music was heard to play, Thure Brandt was found the next morning, his body ripped to shreds as if by a horde of ‘thousands of enraged rodents’ according to a detective who investigated the scene.

  6. Those children who still live among us with their advanced underworld technology are all freaking perverts. Just saying.


Anorexics. Sexy, sexy Anorexics.


Clearly these are illustrations of the artist’s abduction and rectal probe.


Fig. 42. Gray alien is pleased at his handiwork while black alien gapes in horror.



Seemed apropos at the time, but now that you’re probing, I’m open to suggestions. What do you suggest inspread?


So not alien gynacologists?


That is literally a diagram of two in the pink, one in the stink. =8-O


Gray is rather well endowed, too. Although perhaps he ought to go to the doctor.


Plint ;¹)

Is that a smiley?


What you’re seeing there is either their representation of the vaginal canal or else the uterus is in a very strange position.


I, uhh, errh. My jaw dropped that you said that.

I’d expect something like that from @OtherMichael or @Donald_Petersen or @daneel, or definitely myself, but but but (butt) you?


Is there any other kind?

No? Just me?


I was thinking that as I was typing it! But you’ve got to admit, it does look like a two-handed, well, example of what I wrote.


Well, I never.

(Use that phrase, that is. I’m ribald as fuck, but classier than you surmise.)

(Not to imply that @chgoliz is any less classy.)

(Hmm. I just did imply that.)

(Aw, shit.)


We are all classy here, The Donald, in that “two in the pink, one in the stink, sensuous up honey get me a beer” kind of way.