Why doesn't this cop see the gargantuan spider crawling towards him?


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Wait… did I just see the spider scratch his butt at 0:10? That spider’s a cop isn’t it?


that spider is basically the size of a small dog. No way it is devouring a full sized Texas cop. Shame on you BoingBoing and your dishonoring of the proud tradition of 1950’s arachnid size to appetite ratios.


Nokthin’ compared to the ones in Arizona. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tarantula_(film)


That’s some serious depth of field. What f-stop is a dash cam?


If there were any dog sized spiders out there, us humans would have to declare immediate war upon them for our own survival; they breed faster, move faster, are deadly in close quarters, and walk on ceilings.


The cop that came to my place after a break and enter definitely noticed the giant spider on my balcony. The scream they made was both loud, and very high pitched. Fortunately, our local police are trained to not shoot things at random, so rather than pull out his weapon, he just backed up quickly and hid behind my dog.

Good thing to, that spider was freakin’ huge (about 2 inches across, half of which was body), bullets probably just would have made it mad.


Didn’t we just do this last week?


Indeed . . .



Do you know how hard it is to cuff something with 8 legs?



Would they still if they were dog sized?


Ceilings, man! They walk on ceilings, ABOVE YOUR HEAD!






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