Why Dr. Christiane Northrup is a QMaga hero

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You can see the downward trajectory, each step leading to the next: reality-based medicine (yay!), questioning of patriarchal norms in clinical practises (cool!), gender-based mysticism (ummm…), chakras (errr…), “vibrational healing” (quack-ville), astrology (charlatan junction), Covidiocy (death-cult doctor), SovCit delusion (political death cult), and now Qnuttery (tinfoil hat conspiricism). Like Mehmet Oz, a complete waste.

Of course Oprah is once again involved in a high-profile physician’s journey of “wellness” woo and right-wing populism. It would be nice to see her use her fame to disavow these monsters she helped create.


I wish more people were capable of having positive, beneficial values without woo-woo bullshit growing on it like a cancer. The medical establishment can be a corrupt patriarchy in dire need of reform without every fact about medicine we’ve ever learned being a lie in a big conspiracy. This lazy thinking is how you get feminists supporting Donald “grab 'em by the pussy” Trump. Though in Northrup’s case I suspect it’s more likely she simply abandoned her values and common sense the moment she saw dollar signs.


Anybody else starting to get carpal tunnel from the neverending wealth addicted grift whack-a-mole?


Northrup has been a germ-theory-denying, antivax cancer-cure fraudster for years over a decade.

Of course she would gravitate to Q, because that’s where the stupid people are.


Hers is a classic case of woo magnetism, where one woo is never enough. Rarely will you meet someone lost in woo who doesn’t hold multiple idiocies at once.


Et tu, Dr. Northrup?


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WTAF am i seeing?


Med Beds. A magical technology that can cure ALL illness and even regrow limbs. Mr. Trump was about to release these fantastic gadgets when wasn’t reelected.

It was created by Mr.Tesla or was brought from the Pleiads by Ashtar Sheran, I don’t know.


It’s a fantasy cure-all medical technology (inspired by the movie Elysium) the the Qnuts think the elites (reptilians, Dem paedophiles, Jews, etc.) are keeping from the masses.



I wonder what it’s like for these people, basically doing sci-fi X-files LARPing 24/7 for their whole lives. I suppose it’s exciting if you’re able to delude yourself into genuinely believing it and quashing all natural embarrassment or critical thought that should result.


It’s simultaneously an exclusive group and one which anyone can belong to!

Have your own vocabulary that marks you as ‘in the know!’

Be ‘better than’ outsiders, and so be lifted from your otherwise very ordinary life, because you have access to seekrits!

It’s a heck of a draw to many individuals who are dissatisfied with their lot in life.


NOT to be confused with a non-wackadoo doctor with a similar name!

Repeat: Christine D. Northrup, MD is not the same person!


In case anyone was curious about the other 11 of the Disinformation Dozen:

Curiously, Stella Immanuel is not on the list.


Maybe I’ve just played too much XCOM(where the medicine indistinguishable from magic is real enough; but it’s the reptilians and friends all too eager for you to have taste); but does it strike anyone else as curious that people who ascribe technically infeasible levels of covert malice to comparatively mature and familiar medical technologies like vaccines would be so…naïve and trusting…about the behavior of systems that outright claim to do aggressive DNA rewrites, mental reconditioning; and bulk tissue regrowth?

Especially if you think that there’s a shadowy cabal with power over medical tech availability why would you assume that they’d be foolish enough to merely suppress such capabilities when they could, instead, use them to draw in the sick and desperate to be bioconverted into homosexual democrats or whatnot?

Even if they lack the imagination to grasp the potential of a technology that would have people throwing their minds and bodies upon your mercy, with the alternative being rather grim suffering and death, for themselves; wasn’t the idea of glittering earthly promises that weren’t strictly lies, but something worse, kind of a staple during among the demographic that put Left Behind books onto bestseller lists?


Thanks kindly for the link.

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