Why is everybody harshing on Dick Gregory?


People keep talking smack about David Gregory because of his comments on the NSA, and for half a second after I hear it or read it I think, what did that old comedian say this time? Always getting himself in trouble, delivering turkeys to people in Mississippi, defending Quentin Tarantino against charges of racism and whatnot. Then I realize David Gregory is not Dick Gregory. Oops.


you sure had me confused.

this happened to me when I was younger man during talk of the films of either Ingrid or Ingmar Bergman. “You mean she’s a director, too? Oh, wait…”


Aw shoot, and here I thought someone was finally going to address Dick Gregory’s rants against soy beans.


Watch CNN tonight at 4:30, David Gregory interviews Dick Gregory on the topic of soybeans!


Watching the Wendy Davis filibuster drama the other night, I started reading “point of order: germaneness” as “point of order: germanness”, which are both applicable to Texas, but two VERY different things.


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