Why is the McRib only offered occasionally and why so randomly?

McRib Imperative


Oh, you sound just like those people at the “intervention.”


When I try to imagine who would choose to drink eggnog in the middle of summer:


I know. In fact, it’s best if you make it about a month beforehand and keep it in the fridge (sealed), so that the alcohol and sugar can do perverse things to the egg proteins. Nothing will grow in anything that alcoholic and cold (and in fact that much sugar isn’t good for bacterial growth either).

But I like to name-drop salmonella when I serve it to guests. The frisson of fear pairs nicely with the alcoholic sugar sludge.


So it’s those bastards at McCormick.

Although to be honest I have mixed feelings about the pumpkin spice craze. On the one hand, people apparently like it, so good for them.

On the other, I don’t even like pumpkin pie.

Pumpkin seeds, though, are great.

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Why wait? Make your own:

At least you will know what is in the damn thing.


Easily the most GRAS roofing material on the market!

I am not a picky eater. McDonald’s food is fine. It’s not great, it is just fine.

I like the McRib OK. I appreciate it more knowing that it is preventing food waste by including organ meat and such.

Just about the only way you can get Americans to eat organ meat like the rest of the non-wasteful world does: In meat slurry products.

Now, meat slurry products might gross you out. That is because you are a picky eater. I find them much preferable to eating what is recognizable as hearts, intestines, stomachs, etc.

I guess my opening statement is wrong. I am a bit of a picky eater.


Did they ever serve it with the McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce, or is that too much recursion?


on my list of things that are important, this knowledge is very fucking low

Frozen Ribbits? Like these?


A Snowball cocktail used to be quite popular year round when I first started working in pubs (it was not the height of sophistication – miniature of Advocaat, topped off with lemonade and ice n’ a slice).

Quite like the sound of replacing the egg with avocado – kill two hipsters with one stone.

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I am generally not considered a picky eater, but I don’t think what McDonalds serves qualifies as “food”. There’s crappier stuff out there, but that doesn’t make it nice. It’s also expensive for what it is.

What I don’t get is why people who eat animals consider some part of the animal more gross than others. I guess it’s simply because they’re no longer used to preparing meals, and they have forgotten how these parts of the animal just have a different taste. Thanks to microwave dinners and McDonalds. Isn’t it ironic you would go there for your serving of the shit you wouldn’t want to eat?

FWIW, people over here here would not eat any organs, but they’re obviously fine with mincing it all up and serving it in the animal’s guts as a sausage. You can’t make that shit up.


Came here to say that. The german McRib is actually pretty good. I really like the onions they use for it.

It’s a funny definition if it is not “food” but “sustenance” or some even lesser term denoting calories but not nutrition.

It’s food. It could hypothetically give you cancer or impotence, but it at least keeps you from starving. If you think otherwise, then you have a rarified definition of the word, not common to most people.

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Gosh. It’s all so logical. Clever, even. I can’t really dislike Ray Kroc, when he is clearly so good at what he did.

Of course, my explanation “they only serve it when someone has run over a badger” was logical too.


Well I have good news for you. There’s no pumpkin in pumpkin spice anything. It’s just the spices used to make pumpkin pie like cinnamon, nutmeg, etc.


And yet, here we all are.

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Like this:

Yeah, never microwave them.

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