Why is there brominated vegetable oil in soda?


I have to wonder who first looked at a bottle of vegetable oil and thought “Y’know, this could really use more halogens…”

(I’m also morbidly curious, given that halogens in fire-suppression have gradually retreated to bromine as the least-nasty option, after reluctantly being forced to give up chlorinated compounds, PCBs, halogenated organophosphates(!), and similar friendly customers, whether back in the good old days, when men were men and cigarettes were a health food, there were even better modified vegetable oils in culinary use…)

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Yeah, we also need to deal with McDonalds putting all that explosive metal and poisonous gas all over their fries!


It could be worse… They might try a more healthy option and put radioactive explosive metal and poisonous gas on the fries!

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