Why it's easy to admire Ruth Bader Ginsburg


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*begins writing a biography of RBG called “Ruth, Justice, and the American Way”*


This one time, I saw her help a Boy Scout cross the road.


I admire her all the more after learning her personal opinion is very conservative (see: her comments on the Colin Kaepernick protest) but she doesn’t let that sway her opinion about legal matters and our rights as citizens under the Constitution (and yes… I’m looking at your cold, dead, buried bones, Scalia).


Why do we use the word “conservative” instead of “racist and regressive and ignorant and tone-deaf” if we like the person with those opinions?

If there is an American who should be more well informed about the bias of the criminal justice system than someone sitting on the highest court in the land can someone please point them out?


She actually walked that back when told of the full context of his protest.


People are not racist because they hold opinions or beliefs. People are racists because of how they use those opinions or beliefs to inform their actions. I admire the person who says “I don’t like what you said, but I’ll defend your right to say it if anyone tries to stop you.”


Thanks for letting me know, I hadn’t heard that.


No, they’re still bigots. And a SCOTUS judge saying BLM protests are “stupid and arrogant” exemplifies that. Her walking it back probably indicates she’s a competent bigot, rather than senile.

Her making that statement is an act of bigotry that validates other bigots. Her retraction does nothing to diminish that, your defense of bigotry further validates it.


In which case the the ACLU is an organization that validates other bigots because of their defense of the right of members of the KKK to hold marches. Am I right?


Other than the notion of “freedom of speech” being a moral good the ACLU us a morally neutral organization, they adhere to this principle much more successfully than the NRA does.

The ACLU does not serve to or attempt to validate the content of speech, only to secure the right for said speech to be expressed.

How are you comparing the ACLU to the people who create hate-speech? They facilitate, not originate.

Do you normally argue with children or something? This is 1st order logic stuff.


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