Why Nickelodeon's Nick Hotel was doomed


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“It was a sure thing, I tells ya. We had green slime showers in every room.”

(the bored teenager makes the tour video)


Doomed is a little harsh. Seems more like a trial balloon that reached the end of its usefulness. The general concept was good enough to do elsewhere.


Holiday Inn has been smart in the family vacation market segment. The non-Nickelodeon versions hotels usually have in-suite kitchens and washers and dryers, which are important to a family on a budget.

I can also see the water part and mini-golf elements doing well just about anywhere else other than Orlando.


99% of the “reasons” it was doomed are completely unsupported crap (the characters were creepy), in many cases contradicted by other statements in there story. Supposedly it cost too much, and guests felt claustrophobic, except OH NO, actually it was packed all the time! The decor was nightmare fuel, except Karisima is still using it in Punta Cana.

The reason it closed is Nick wanted to play with other chains and Holiday Inn sued them for it. End of story.


Kevin Perjurer?

How is this man not a member of the President’s cabinet?


Too “on-the-nose”?


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