Why the "Bobby Fischer of Union Square" threw his cell phone into the Hudson River

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“You need to give the game your full attention.”

Roger That!


I’m so sorry to be that guy, but if he threw off the Brooklyn Bridge, it either went into the East River, or he has a heck of an arm.




Maybe he strapped his queen to it?


Now that’s a strategic chess move. Your opponent sees that you’re so confident that you’re throwing the Queen off a bridge, and it shakes them. Deeply.


Eh? He seems pretty content to be phone free. Seems like a pretty good marketing strategy. Learn chess; if you get as good as me you can ditch your phone!

The article itself says nothing about the Hudson. I’m guessing @frauenfelder had an understandable geography mixup in his headline.

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I totally agree with you on both points. I’m sorry to be the kind of guy who corrects people on simple mixups. But apparently I am. :slight_smile:

And forget about marketing (and how I wish I could!). I’d just love to throw my phone in the river on general principles. And everybody else’s too.


I was never super good at Chess but when i was in my teens i did have a period of time where i was really into it. I would regularly make risky plays that would get my queen taken on purpose so that i could lure my friends into traps and play into my hand. Generally it worked well, but i haven’t played in ages


Ooooo. . . this gives me an idea, “Chess Wrestling” – opponents must first lock arms above the board in a standard arm-wrestling pose, then play the game while not losing grip.

Actually, that’s a horrible idea. Never mind.

There is Chess Boxing, which is basically alternate rounds of chess and, you’ve guessed it, boxing.

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Don’t. It usually is just as easy to get these things right (or leave them out when unsure).

I actually play chess on my phone all the time. I am slida23 on Chess with Friends if anyone wants a tussle.

My interest in getting good at chess isn’t really related to anything else besides brain development, it never occurred to me that one could make being good at chess into an occupation(outside of grandmasters and such).

I am decent, but not good enough to charge a fee, yet. :slight_smile:


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