Why the hell is Amazon redirecting customer-support traffic to this unrelated company?

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My theory is that this is the equivalent of old news stories about employees at prescription processing firms shredding incoming orders and postal workers dumping mail in the trash - because of quotas. We’ve seen reports on the unrealistic performance goals set for Amazon workers, and if they can’t be met people tend to find creative ways to avoid penalties. In the end, the customers suffer because of those policies, too.


Some people would pay good money to get traffic redirected from Amazon. Opportunity knocks!


A company the size of Amazon could easily “accidentally” kill a small company by this sort of tactic, overloading their support capabilities way beyond the point of not being able to support their own customers. How sure are we that this isn’t some sort of “Distributed Denial of Service” setup that got partially triggered?


The government of China has been known to do this sort of thing, to force the target site to simply reject all traffic coming from China, saving the administrators of the Great Firewall the trouble of doing so themselves.




Seems to be fixed now. I clicked on the amazom.com link on the post page and was redirected to amazon.com.

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After pouring through all of our analytics services

Poring over, maybe.

  1. Angry users understandably don’t care that Openbase.com looks nothing like Amazon

Just how stupid do you have to be to see a site that looks nothing like Amazon, doesn’t mention Amazon or any of its products and isn’t even an e-commerce site, and proceed to complain about your Amazon order? These people should not be on the internet unsupervised.

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