Why we openly hate our cords


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The thing I hate more than cords is configuring cordless things. Cords work.


Cords are visual farts.




All hail dis-cord-ia! I see what you did there.


Wale, I for one find cords comfortable.


Come now, why can’t we be more cordial about this?


The fix is sometimes to just buy better cordless things. I stopped hating wireless the day I stopped buying Best Buy own-brand $20 wifi dongles. And now the quality floor is even lower, thanks to Amazon and Ali Express and so on – it’s even easier to buy maddeningly awful cordless gear!


The first trillionaire will be



Shall we seek accord?




I can go though a cord in a weekend, if the fire is big enough. Love em!


Always seemed environmentally suspect to me, but I suppose it’s trivial in the scheme of things.




I always preferred the Camry, myself.


Struck a chord, did it?


Can I interest you in something vintage instead?



You spineless monster!
We’re here, we’re chordata, get used to it!


It did, record that for the future


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