Why we should cheer the DoJ's lawsuit to block the AT&T/Time-Warner merger


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Very true, but how the DoJ goes about killing the merger will also be important. It needs to be done in such a way that a precedent is set that can be used to kill other mergers. What happens when Fox decides to pair-up with a major teleco? Will the DoJ stand up to them?


Neither Clinton or Trump supported TPP. It’s highly likely it would have been killed either way.

That’s OK. There’s plenty of other anti-competitive things going on that Trump supports that promote a right wing agenda.


Except this is the same admin that cleared the path for Sinclair monopolies on local media markets and part of the DOJ demand is that Murdoch get first crack at CNN.

If this was really about preventing media monopolies, I would cheer it all the way, but it’s about weakening voices that don’t 220% support a Trumpian/far-right fascist agenda.

Don’t get so caught up in the misdirection that you don’t see the trick.




I’m expecting cult-of-personality, massive billboards/murals showing Trump’s face… his face as the brand.



Edit-I see others have shared this thought.


To the contrary: Blocking a merger without a valid, legal reason is not a good thing and nothing to be cheered. Donald’s hatred for CNN (rather, his professed hatred, which is to say meat for his base) is in no way an acceptable reason to block the merger.


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