Why you definitely want to be on Star Trek: The Cruise IV




Settle for a three-hour tour?


It’s probably because it was his most recent Trek role, I’m guessing.


Did any couples get married (or renew their vows) during the cruise? The note about Betazoid wedding practices being forbidden made me chuckle. [They don’t need to worry about buying a wedding dress or renting a tux.]



Yes! Chase Masterson (nee Leeta) ran a vow renewal ceremony that was pretty wonderful. It had everything from average-trek-loving folks to full-cosplaying aliens renewing vows. Jokes about Betazoid wedding customs were a requirement, of course.

I have little doubt that someone would have tried to go “Full Betazoid” if they thought they could get away with it. :wink:


I never knew that the (planetary?) flag for Risa was a stick figure drawing of a dude with his junk hanging out.

I woudln’t be able to resist sneaking on some Tribbles and leaving them around the ship. On the first day just a couple here and there, but a few days later they’re piling up.

One of the nice things about the Trek fanbase is that they tend to skew more middle-age and liberal so it tends to be extremely welcoming and friendly. You see this even in unlikely places like online forums or video games where they’re almost universally a joy to chat/play with.


Someone did this on their stateroom door! I wish I’d grabbed pictures of the progression!


C’mon, new stuff would happen every week.


Another scifi Cruise:


Not even in the spa area?



“Didn’t we already do ‘Toga Night’ like, three times already?”


“You’ll wear togas and like it”


That’s me and my Husband Dave in the Farpoint Station costumes! This was our 3rd Star Trek cruise and we won first place in the Q costume contest.


Those costumes were incredible! Thanks for all the hard work you put into them!


For anyone interested, Astronomer Phil Plat (who gave a talk on the cruise about whether or not the exoplanet recently found orbiting 40 Eridani A could actually be planet Vulcan or not, did a write-up on the cruise as well:


Who needs Tribbles when you have Furries.






Wil Wheaton is one of my heroes IRL. A real mensch.

Good to hear about his contributions to that cruise.
Glad he is appreciated.

Thanks to all here for posting (on behalf of those of us who couldn’t make it).