Wife of top Trump official cheers return of measles

Yeah this is just it. If she wants to convince the entire racist population to die of measles that’s fine. Sounds like that’s who her Twitter is aimed at. But their children don’t deserve it (at least not yet) and theres that dang herd immunity thing.

Being a late bloomer baby boomer I got vaccinated with the individual Measles, Mumps, and Rubella vaccines as they came out. I have never suffered any of these diseases. MMR vaccine was licensed in 1971 so when I joined the USAF in 1977 I got that too. What is wrong with these Trump people? Do they really want to see their children suffer and die for their misguided beliefs? It’s like they are totally oblivious to the real world. Children are suffering in Washington and Oregon right friggin’ NOW!


Or have been rechallenged over the years by exposure to people either with the active disease (e.g. in travel outside the Americas) or by close contact with people who have recently had the live virus vaccine. Like kids.

Which might mean that autoimmune diseases aren’t so likely in your future after all.

The thing about antivaxxers is that they cluster. There is a thought that we treat antivaccine sentiment like an infectious disease, although a vaccine is unlikely to be the answer! And to steal the wildfire analogy used elsewhere, the larger the outbreak gets before it hits a vaccine “firebreak,” the harder it is to put out and the more likely someone is going to be seriously injured or die.


NOT defending this woman or her moronic views. There are cases (4) of cancer (lymphoma) regression after a patient develops measles (see #1). Of course Coley also regressed cancer by rubbing Step and Serratia into cancer patients. The lesson is more about how the immune system can / does eliminate cancer. It’s almost certain ANY infectious agent that rev’s up the immune system might help eliminate a cancer.

#1 Taqi AM, et al. Regression of Hodgkin’s disease after measles. Lancet. 1981;1(8229):1112.

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As Coley’s Toxin proved, anything that generates a significant immune response can act against cancers, probably as a consequence of nonspecific inflammation. That is not so much to do with “measles” as such, as that our immune systems are designed to recognize bad shit and react with all guns blazing upon detection. Measles is bad shit, hence… The catch is that said “all guns blazing” response inevitably has severe consequences for the owner of said immune system, so more controlled methods are being developed. This is the theory behind the development of checkpoint inhibitors, which are exceptionally promising therapies, but similarly not without side effects. If you unleash the immune system beyond a certain point, the results are sort of like nuking your own country to defeat an invading force. You may kill all the enemy, but your own will not fair so well either.

ETA: Ran this past my brother, who is a cancer researcher, and he added this: “You’ll see regression of any hematological malignancy following any major infection due to spontaneous release of IL-2. Cooley showed that in 1890. Doesn’t make major infections a good treatment option.”


Well, that ship has sailed, my friend…


If I read you correctly, I’m sorry to hear that.


The woman is a trophy wife with nothing more than a high school education. Her views and opinions are not necessarily her own.

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Wouldn’t she have gotten the vaccines as a child and therefore been immunized against them which is why she didn’t get the full brunt of the diseases she mentions? She didn’t just “get” the various diseases and live through them. We all, as kids, got the vaccines and still got the same diseases because I’m guessing our bodies were building up tolerances with the vaccines.

Is basic medical science something these people don’t understand?


From what I was told (I was born during the Nixon era), an entire cohort of babies was immunized too early, and were susceptible to measles later (age 16, in my case, and it got a few others at my high school).


Interesting viewpoint. Perhaps in the future we could do that, but right now, we need some kind of brutal, beat-them-over-the-head policy that bludgeons them into seeing that they are endangering the entire community with their fucking stupid actions. Frankly, I think forced sterilizations when the first kid is removed is a good step too.

I’m sick of this shit. It’s been known for decades that giving people vaccinations is much better than not giving them, even if there are side effects. The asshole antivaxxers are responsible for fucking epidemics that can kill innocent people, for god’s sake.

Pardon my french.


Quoting for emphasis, so everyone reads it a second time.

I had the worst case of chicken pox my doctor had ever seen (I was the last one in my grade to get it, and it kept me in bed for 2 weeks), and AT THE TIME he said it meant I’d definitely have lifetime immunity, which I repeated to a pediatrician when my kids were little and was promptly corrected with the information you just said above.


Rhetorical question?

You do, and thank you. :wink:

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Remember the good old days, when you could get smallpox?


You should post this in the nostalgia and longing thread… o.O


Sadly, no. I was honestly asking if they didn’t believe in basic science. But, who am I kidding?

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Is basic medical science something these people don’t understand?

Rhetorical question?


I’ve now gotten old enough that the scar is gone(!!), but that was one of my go-tos with anti-vaxxers: I’d show them the scar on my arm and ask them if they had one like it. No? Oh, that’s right: because my generation all got the vaccine; now smallpox is eradicated and no one has to get the vaccine anymore!

If you get your kids vaccinated, maybe your grandchildren won’t have to be, or at least not for as many diseases.


So you’d forcibly remove a child from her parents because of a stupid decision the parents made? What of the child? Who going to care for her? Who’s going to provide counseling for the emotional trauma inflicted by her removal?

Anti-vaxxers are frustrating, but taking that frustration out on their children is not the right way to handle things.

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