Wikileaf makes finding the best weed, at the best prices, easy

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“What you can get for $40 at one shop might get you nearly double that amount in another shop, depending on the dispensaries current inventory levels.”

Clearly, the invisible hand is busy rolling a j.


Bong Bong, you’re too much!

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Looks like the Liberal Democrats are actually getting behind decriminalisation in the UK, so perhaps we’ll see something like this in the near future over the pond but in the meantime watching this kind of stuff from afar is equal measures of happiness and torture.

I use , very relieable.

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To date my favorite is Leafly but I will give Wikileaf a try and see how it compares.


"Boing Boing is proud to welcome as as sponsor. "

Well, that explains the vaporizers in the store.


For the record, as the guy who still deserves a place on the complaint list, dammit, I’m more okay with this, because it’s (a) clearly labeled as a sponsor and (b) seems like something that the Boingers might actually have thoughtfully considered and then endorsed, as opposed to the usual piles of faux-discounted shovelware and such from the “Boing Boing Store.”


Oh, yay…it’s an exuberant race to the bottom!

This is pretty silly…you’re going to be comparing apples to oranges, with an app like this. The problem for the consumer is that there is no transparency in quality, which can only be properly evaluated in person.

There is no way of knowing if a strain with the same name, at two different dispensaries is even remotely the same thing.

Dispensary A might offer a great price on on an eighth of ‘Blue Dream’, but it might be old & stale, or it might be completely different strain from Dispensary B’s ‘Blue Dream’, and neither one may actually be the Real McCoy…

All this app will accomplish, is driving price competition, which will rapidly put a lot of people in the business out of the business…

Leafly is useless. Every single review is a rave,

I’m a little unsure about how this works for my area; there’s a half-dozen or more places in the Boston area that say they’d be happy to deliver me a whole bunch of pot for a “minimum donation of $100”, according to Wikileaf. Our medical marijuana laws are restrictive and dumb, but while pot is illegal, it’s decriminalized. So I guess there’s places who aren’t “selling” pot, but giving it to you for a “donation”? What a weird grey area they’ve created.

Agreed. Right up there with Yelp. If there are enough reviews for a strain I find you can get an overall feel for a strain but individual reviews are typically worthless. Any app with user reviews is going to have issues with this. I suppose they could have editors that write reviews but that just swaps one set of problems for another.

1 Like is pretty good for California. Except that law enforcement is using it to locate and shut down semi-illegal popup dispensaries. :disappointed:

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Yeah, so… you try it out in the Boston area and then get back to me.

Also, while you’re there, check if they’ll deliver it to my work, will you? I don’t want my neighbors getting nosy.

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