Wil Wheaton's funny, raunchy comedy set


Seems the site is overloaded? boingboinged?

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Yep, dead. Currently showing me 3 hours to download a 25 meg mp3

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Does anybody have a mirror of this?

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i’ll put one up if I manage to get it

I never hated him like many Trek fans did, but still, if you’d told me even just a few years ago that Wil Wheaton would become tied for my favorite former Trek cast member (with Patrick Stewart), I’d have laughed in your face. (George Takei becoming a strong third would also have elicited some doubt)

I never knew that the world needed to know of the concept of Spicy Dick Milk.

It’d be great if someone put up a mirror/torrent, even ~5 hours later it’s still pretty slow… says it’ll take 4 hours to download the remaining 28 MB.

I managed to get the whole file. If anyone is having trouble getting it, try this magnet url. or http://bayfiles.net/file/Uapx/lOyfUz/agr-agr-07-18-13-04.mp3.

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Also now available at www.pedgey.co.uk/agr-agr-07-18-13-04.mp3

I got to see Wil perform parts of this at Phoenix ComicCon this year. Definitely the highlight of the Con, along with the panel he did with John Scalzi where someone accidentally turned out the lights and a helpful Jedi audience member lit the room with the purple glow of his lightsaber.

Now with video, and better bandwidth:


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