Wild brass band cover of Joy Division's "Love Will Tear Us Apart"


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That helped me a little bit.


Damn. They’re excellent.


That video and music is all sorts of awesome.


Best cover of the song since https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r3GVd4DFFPA


Their cover of Sexual Healing was used in the Jon Favereau film Chef. These folks are great.


my lord, what a great video. and the song, omg


I needed this. 5 minutes of smiling.

Got this thing for happy songs about depressing things. I sang in a blues band & was goth-ish for a while. Both mine life’s big suckiness for happy joyful songs.


Ranks right up there with Ian Curtis Rides a Rollercoaster …


hot 8!

mandatory extra characters


Awesome, I really must get to New Orleans one day.


Mercy buckets for these; what a great wall of sound!


Yes! Now we’re talking!
If I ever do come into money I’ll make arrangements for them to play at my funeral.


Fuck no. It’s just annoying. While the musicianship is good, the attempt at singing completely ruins it.
Go ruin something else. Leave Joy Division alone. I’d rather listen to original music from this band then these shit ‘reworkings’.


I managed to catch these guys live last year after only knowing them from their version of “Sexual Healing” on the Chef soundtrack. So. Much. Damn. Joy. Through. The. Entire. Set.

Really recommend seeing them if you have the chance.


They come over to the UK to play every few years, and I make sure I don’t miss a chance to see them.


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