Wild footage released of shootout between bus driver and passenger upset he can't get off between stops

Thank you Shazsta. I will make that edit, because it’s relevant.


100%. And to add to that, not only does it escalate at the micro level, but at the macro level too. Pretty much all my clients who get caught illegally carrying a gun in public tell the judge it was for protection. The escalation has gotten rampant, to the point that to many, carrying a gun in public, even an illegal one, feels like basic common sense.


The only thing that stops a [ good | bad ] guy with a gun is a [ good | bad ] guy with a gun


Nope. Not a chance. Well, on the other hand, if someday a practical portable force field is created guns could become obsolete. They’d still be available to collectors much like fully automatic weapons are available to collectors now though.

Nah, I have to stick with Nope.

Looked like the driver shot first to me.

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My Uncle used to drive the night-shift in Peterborough, UK, many years ago.
The only trouble he had was with drunks and addicts (Peterborough had a bit of a rep. back then).

The one time he was threatened with actual assault, he slammed the brakes hard. There were only a couple of seated passengers, who would have likely bruised their knees, but the drunken asshole hit the windscreen hard enough to sedate him temporarily.

He wasn’t seriously injured, thankfully, and tottered off at his stop.


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