Man fails to stop bus by pushing it, receives pepper spray for trying

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I’ll bet he’ll never do that again!


just tryna be a pain in the ass, possibly under the influence, possibly abusive (i didn’t have audio on). i know that what he received was the last thing he expected.


Wanna bet?


Poor guy tries to let the driver know that the bridge is out and gets nothing but grief for his trouble.


How do you know? Maybe he was crossing the road and got annoyed that the bus didn’t stop


If I had to guess the guy was trying to cross the street on the cross walk. the bus driver honked at him and the guy got righteously indignant over that. He should have left it with a finger to be honest but still he had every right to cross un molested in the cross walk

Pepper spray, like electric stunners, is marketed as a less-lethal alternative to guns. This video shows that that’s nonsense; would the driver have shot the guy? (Possibly, but I hope not. And our comments about it would have been more “what a maniacal driver/shooter!” and less “what a bus-pushing jerk!”.

To be clear, the guy was a bus-pushing jerk. I just question whether the driver needed to escalate so quickly. (Though I concede I don’t know the context.)


After successfully stopping the bus (even if it was because the bus driver ultimately stopped the bus, moron got his desired result), the gentleman seemed to be headed to the driver’s window. Was he going to have a friendly chat or draw a weapon, we and the driver don’t know. The driver didn’t necessarily need to pepper spray the idiot, but that does not leave many choices. If the driver tried to speed off, the dumbass would probably attempt to jump in front with a worse outcome or again cause the driver to continue at 1.5 mph.


Everybody knows you don’t fuck with buses.


If you don’t know where the door is you don’t get to ride the bus. Next time push on the door.

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Man Succeeds in Stopping Bus; Gets Spicy Snack Reward


Obviously he was just recreating that famous scene from the movie Sloth:
“You gotta listen to me! If this bus goes over 5 miles per hour, the bomb will go off!”


I don’t think there’s enough there, to make that leap…


Looks like that to me. Extrapolating from the crosswalks on the road, the first frames of the picture, and the attitude of many car and bus drivers to any road user that is not a bigger car… yeah

Mark, you are hilarious.

Why not? All things being equal that seems to be the most likely reason for confronting a bus from a crosswalk?
Does it have to be crazy?

Perhaps he was. If he did, the driver would certainly be justified in attacking him with his pepper spray or even his bus. But the idea that he might in future attack the driver is not a justification; anybody might do anything in the future.

Did nobody notice the huge potholes in the roadway? This guy was trying to save lives!