"Good" guy with AR-15 rifle stands at school bus drop-off

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Good Guy Entitled Arsehole with a gun.


I dread the inevitable eventual news that he shoots a kid or some other innocent bystander.


Yes, everyone would like to live in a militarized country where to prevent a tragedy, every public location must be patrolled by a guy with an AR-15.

It’s easy to see how free speech and independent thought will flourish in that kind of environment. Certainly, nobody is going to feel worried about practicing their religion or stating their atheism. I bet it will be great for people from racialized backgrounds and gender minorities as well - they should feel totally comfortable expressing themselves when there’s an AR-15 on every street corner, shopping mall, movie theater and town square!

What a world that would be, what a world…


Threatening everyone’s kids?

Pretty sure I can’t freely say what I think of him here.


Taking bets that the innocent bystander is not white.


No bet; SSDD.


OK but if you kill a man with a gun it should not be considered a crime. Like if I see a man with a gun near a bus stop and I run the fuck over him over then I DO expect to be have all charges dropped. Killing a man with an AR who is loitering around children is doing what any “good guy” NEEDS to do to prevent a tragedy, after all. It’s too late already if he has a chance to start using it.

You HAVE to stop them first.

Why not? What else can we do to defend ourselves from these men? Why should the children have to sit there wondering whether this gun is going to kill them or not every day until they see one of their friends’ faces erupt in blood never to exist in this world again?


Seeing as it is now legal in some states to drive into “protesters”, I think you’re legally in the clear.

Carrying a gun is clearly dangerous. They only have themselves to blame.


You know, according to them you have to do is, “fear for your life,” and you had good reason to. He didn’t have a holstered weapon, he had his finger hovering near the trigger and was walking toward you and your kids at the bus stop. There’s no chance to deescalate anything in that scenario.


I can’t even imagine how that would make me feel “safe”.


Since @Mindysan33 is on vacay, I’ll advocate in her absence;

Please stop with that.

Muslim authoritarians (and the Nazis) learned most of what they know about fascism and oppression from the US and our own history of slavery and Jim Crow.


Now where is the “good” Karen to report to the police that the gunman is brandishing an “AK-47” (an illegal firearm), only to take the rap for “filing a false police report.”

Enough reports, then the police department will have to intervene.


AFAIK that only works if you’re a cop or a white supremacist. I want it fucking codified into law for everyone.

We all should have the right to kill a person we believe is going to carry out a shooting. I find it ironic that the whole point of a militia ultimately is to protect us from people like gun rights activists and 2a shooters. But if this is the world they want then… let them be the ones to die for it for a change.


He’s been hanging out in the Anne Arundel county Reddit, firmly convinced that the place he lives is “dangerous”. I mean, they have policemen! On patrol!

(It’s Severn, Maryland. It is not a dangerous place.)


I had to check, and holy cats! Evidently Maryland does permit open carry of long guns.

That said, I’ve never seen a long gun in the wild here, especially in Montgomery, Prince George’s, and Howard County (counties I frequent the most). Even in Anne Arundel, a more conservative area I’ve never seen a long gun.

As others have already said, this guy is just being an asshole. A very insecure asshole.


I’ve often wondered what would happen when “open carry” meets “stand your ground”, especially when ‘feeling threatened’ is often given as justification for “stand your ground”.

And never forget that “good guy with a gun” is code for “white guy with a gun”.


What is needed is something that will frighten the gunman away, some sort of scare crow. Hmm…


There’s shockingly few guns that are truly illegal, but this asshole probably couldn’t afford the tax stamp, and probably thinks filing the correct paperwork with the ATF is “tyranny”.

In short, your plan might work, but Karen should call the local ATF office instead of the police, and please do so after the kids have gotten on the bus and safely departed.