Will a cat walk on aluminum foil?

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Spoiler Alert


But maybe something different will happen today?


Open the door and reveal a dog and see how fast it moves.

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Sound stimuli identified to evoke seizures in cats included the crinkling of tin foil (n = 82); a metal spoon dropping into a ceramic feeding bowl (n = 79); the chinking or tapping of glass (n = 72); paper or plastic bags crinkling (n = 71); computer keyboard tapping or mouse clicking (n = 61); the clinking of coins or keys (n = 59); the hammering of a nail (n = 38); the clicking of an owner’s tongue (n = 24); the sound of breaking the tin foil from treatment or tablet packaging (n = 12); texting (n = 8); a digital alarm (n = 6); the sound of Velcro (n = 6); the clicking of a piezo lighter for a gas stove or the sound made by igniting the gas hob (n = 4); a mobile phone ring (n = 4); running water (n = 2); the sound created by a dog scratching its neck and jangling its collar (n = 2); a computer printer (n = 2); firewood spitting (n = 1); wooden building blocks being knocked together (n = 1); walking on a wooden floor with bare feet or squeaky shoes (n = 1); and the short, sharp scream of a young child (n = 1). There were no other reported precipitating factors that could induce a seizure or make one more likely to occur.

sample size was 96 cats suffering from feline audiogenic reflex seizures

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also…that’s 2 too many “will a cat walk on foil” stories.

Don’t make me post Cat Attacking Dog Balls gif again!


Lesson: When camping in cougar country, mark off a barrier of aluminum foil around your campsite.

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I was just reading about that the other day, but did not make the connection.


Curses! Foiled again!


(may be distressing to see)

Sooo - you just taught your cat to walk onto breaking ice. Usually there’s a point to instinctive fears… :wink:

Slippery slope here. Acclimatisation → Habituation → Adaptation → Total Human Domination.
This is cats, not robots, people.

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A comb-induced blep?

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