Will Arnett answers the web's most-searched 'autocomplete' questions about him

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So nice to see Gob Bluth get work by pretending to be some made up guy named Will Arnett


Wait, wait, wait. There is a Teen Titan movie! that is news.

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More specifically it’s a Teen Titans Go movie. I don’t know about you but i hate Teen Titans Go.

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You monster!

I didn’t say i wasn’t one.

After a glorious several months of my son not liking this show, he has suddenly decided that he likes this show again. The show has exactly one bright spot: Khary Peyton.

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Will Arnett does an excellent job playing adult men behaving in ways a socially inept 12-year-old-boy would think of as “cool.” That’s why LEGO Batman is the best Batman.


I can’t help but have a little love for any show willing to bring back (and roundly mock) the Wonder Twins.

Most of my hatred for Teen Titans, Go! stems from the fact that it replaced an animated series that was really good. Though with that said, the Oregon Trail episode of TTG was actually kind of funny.

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That’s my takeaway from the fan hate. Having never watched the original Teen Titans cartoon I can appreciate TTG for what it is: a pretty solidly funny show aimed mostly at kids but with enough grown-up jokes to let the parents get some laughs in too.

Plus even fans of the earlier show can take solace in the knowledge that Robin dreams in the animation style of the original Teen Titans. (Mostly about kissing Starfire.)


My son has managed to dredge up the TT episodes, too. Same voice talent, less fun.

Yeah, the guy in the $4000 suit is going to answer autocomplete questions. C’mon!

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