Will Ferrell and Joel McHale visit the Hammer Museum


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That headline raised what I now realize were unrealistic expectations.



Will Ferrell and Joel McHale discuss high art with the banality of the doublemint twins.


@medievalist adds to list, just after the Museum of Leathercraft.


I’m definitely disappointed it’s not a museum of MC Hammer’s life accomplishments.



I bet I could leave a candy wrapper on the floor of a gallery and people would gush with the boldness of the installation, perhaps even muse if the artist is as tortured as the crinkles in the object d’art.

… no… I’m kidding. A pillow on the floor without any description is a fucking pillow on the floor. If you have to explain the back-story … well. art shouldn’t need to be explained… no?

These ‘artists’ need to get real jobs.

And then to say I’m a knuckle-dragger who can’t appreciate the fine nuances of modern art… I wanna punch them in the face so hard. Elitist snobs. They don’t get it either, but have invested too much time and social capital putting their heads up their asses to say any different.

My room is messy, but don’t clean it up, this is a carefully & meticulously curated installation.

Fak off already.

(can you tell my nose is sensitive to bullshit?)



I once visited a Tracey Emin show in Margate featuring many naked life drawings of her. In the corner was a small plaster of an animal.
A gallery assistant came by and asked, “Have you seen Tracey’s pussy?”

Sometimes it is hard to keep a straight face while appreciating art.
But you’re right, a piece of tat is a piece of tat.


Dr Scott!



Ah, I assume you are referring to process artist Felix Gonzalez-Torres work, “Untitled” (Portrait of Ross in L.A.), 1991 - excellent choice.


The Instant Art Critique Phrase Generator

I’m troubled by how the reductive quality of the negative space seems very disturbing in light of the larger carcass. = your aniv date.


“Umm… the sublime beauty of the sexy fish notates the inherent overspecificity.”



I’m afraid it doesn’t really speak to me…




This. I was expecting Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing and Terence Fisher.


And Quatermass Andrew Keir.