Will Smith and Kevin Hart to star in "Planes, Trains, and Automobiles" reboot

Ben Hur of course was one of those silents, and remade.

Maybe fifteen years ago I saw a bin of DVDs at Future Shop here in Canada, and they were all films that had been remade, and they included the original. The double bill seems d like the promotion. But they disappeared before I got around to buying any. Thomas Crowne, Rollerball, I can’t remember what else.

I biught a used copy of “The Trouble with Charlie” because it had “Charade” on the other side. Ironically, I’ve never seen the new movie, it stutters on playback, but I like the original.

I think it was “The Day the Earth Stood Still”, that was remade, but I bought it because it too included the original.

Sometimes the remakes stand up well. I rather like the Pierce Brosnan Thomas Crown, but the original is not to be missed.

I saw Miracle on 34th Street in 1974 on tv, when it was remadewith Sebastian Cabot as Kris Kringle. I’d love to see it again, because I saw it first.


i quote this line EVERY TIME someone says we’re going the wrong way.

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Nope. No. Unneeded: the original is perfect, thank you.


I’m looking up a list of remakes and there’s quite a few that i knew but there’s also some surprises. I had no idea Scarface was a remake of an early film made in 1932. The others i am familiar with for the most part


Leone’s films are another great example of how to re-do things.

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That’s my favorite Belushi film role. His reactions were priceless and very funny. Gotta plan a rewatch soon!

I had to check, and it was his second to last film. “Neighbors” was last.

So I remembered properly, it seemed like a shift in another direction, which we never saw the outcome of because he died.

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  1. I have never understood the love for PT&A (despite loving Martin & Candy in other vehicles [heh]). Martin’s a dick the entire movie so why is Candy enamored with him (“a guy I could really like”)? People always quote the “those aren’t pillows!” line since AFAICT it’s the only actual joke in the movie.

  2. That best movie remake list leaves off Millers Crossing, remake of (and enormous improvement upon) The Glass Key.

Instead of remaking good movies badly (Flatliners for example), why can’ Hollywood remake bad movies well?

I would like to propose a remake of the 1989 sci-fi flick Slipstream.

A sort of of Mad Max with aeroplanes, Slipstream had a great cast including Mark Hamill and Bill Paxton and an interesting post-apocalyptic premise, but was let down by a low budget, a hot mess of a plot and completely inadequate world building.

It was so frustratingly close to being a great movie that it deserves a second chance.

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