Willem Dafoe wanted to be left alone while filming Togo

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“Togo”, not “Torgo” :wink:


But can’t you just see Dafoe in the role?


A Disney adaptation of “Manos, the Hands of Fate”?


I’ll happily oblige Mr. Dafoe in averting my gaze. Having now seen the trailer that likely consists of the entire story arc except for the predictable Disney ending, it seems there are few reasons to see the full film.

I swear to Cthlulu, Disney-- if you go all Old Yeller on this movie with Togo, there will be blood.

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was not to be looked at or spoken to, unless he spoke to them

i’ve heard that bob dylan makes the same demand. i wouldn’t assume that it’s about classism, though, and not just an overcompensation for not wanting people harassing you. i’ll happily retract my skepticism and hop on the cancel train if i’m wrong, though.


Who does he think he is, Tom Cruise?


Especially the song bit for “The Master will not be pleased”!


“But this isn’t an area where lying’s a popular game for the locals to play.”–And this is the point where SeamusBellamy’s post fails to gain traction.

Rural North Americans lie, gossip and spread rumours for a living. I had to work in rural USA and Canada I can say that the vast overwhelming majority or rural folk are great liars. After twenty years I can now spend the rest of my life living with honest folks in the city.

My guess is that the sensitive rural folks kept bugging the city folks for autographs or what used to happen to me is that when you are trapped in the outback nether regions of civilization the rural folks would hound you about how bad cities are. I would bet William just wanted some basic human respect and the locals were acting like the spoiled little children, constantly pestering him.




sooooo live action Balto?

Has Disney’s live action remake machine gone so far as to remake animated films that weren’t even theirs to begin with? Must be a second tier one though. Straight to streaming.

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Waiting for Dafoe.

The End

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Gawd but I hate when film actors do this. Yeah, yeah, the sun shines right out yer arse, Willie, but you’re a fakkin film actor that repeats expressions over a dozen times for 8 different camera positions for the same scenelet. Don’t give me any of that phony I’m in Character crap. You’re a fucking diva, just own it.

Do you enjoy when people come and talk to you when you’re in the middle of something at work, and if so, does that make you a diva? Why are actors different in that regard? I don’t think it’s him thinking he’s better than others, I think it’s him wanting to be in a head space to be able to do his job…


That headspace excuse is just what I’m talking about: film actors are as shallow as they come, all they do is repeat their expressions. This is not Method Acting. And did you miss the part that the town was tiny? He could have head-nodded half the population in the first day there without even trying.

He’s a film actor, he makes his money from the public. There are many discussions by celebrity-grade comedians and actors about their relationship to the public while out in public. This is the worst kind of snowflake shit coming from a 1% entitled jerk.

NOTE: I worked as a professional stage actor for almost twenty years

You know this how? [ETA] I assume you’re note that you’ve done professional stage work is how you know that he’s not doing method… even though you presumable don’t know him?

So, that means he’s public property? He’s still a human being.


Okay. You still don’t know Dafoe?


Do you have any knowledge at all of how filming works? Even a tiny bit?

If the public makes you wealthy, then yes, you owe them some humanity. Athletes, film actors, reality shows idiots: the public made you.

The appearance of a celebrity in a tiny hamlet that won’t see such ever again is an opportunity, not a burden. I stand by everything I have posted.